/ Why does the dog at home and what to do?

Why does the dog shake at home and what should I do?

Recently we received a letter: "My dog ​​eats home, although it was not observed before. Why does the dog sigh and what do I do? Help please solve this problem? " Unfortunately, the author of the letter did not specify other details. But we will try to help in his situation and give a full answer.

Even if an adult dog has long been accustomed to going to the toilet only on the street, periodically and with it there may be a little embarrassment. She is a living being and can happen to herSomething that does not fit into the daily routine. The animal may catch a little cold or drink too much water. Therefore, if such an incident occurs not more often than once or twice a month, it is generally normal.

However, if the adult dog eats at home allMore often, you need to first contact the veterinarian. It is necessary to determine whether this trouble is the result of a disease. First of all, it can be a kidney or urinary system. Also, the animal often urinates with diabetes and a number of other diseases.

If all tests in the dog are normal and the animal does not have any health problems, then problems in the behavior of the dog should be looked for in the daily routine.

The reasons for the abnormal behavior, why does the dog exile at home?

  • Between the evening and the morning walk passesToo much time, for example, when a dog is walking in the early evening and late in the morning. Then the dog simply can not endure until the morning, especially if she eats after the evening walk.
  • The dog could not walk enough. Perhaps it was raining and she could not find a suitable place or the landlord was too in a hurry to go home. Then the dog also can not endure until the morning toilet. How much time there should be a walk for a dog read in the article: "How much to walk with a dog".
  • The problem can be, when between the morningAwakening and walking is quite a long time. Hardly waking up a dog can feel the need to go out into the street. If it is withdrawn only after two hours, it may not wait.
  • If the litter of a dog or some things, where she constantly pisses at home, smells of urine, they each time symbolize the dog that it is here that you can go to the toilet.
  • It is worth remembering whether the dog has recently received any medications (they may have a diuretic effect), did not change her menu.
  • Young bitches and up to two years can write in the house because ofNot up to the end of the formed hormonal system. It passes after the first pregnancy in dogs. In addition, this behavior can be a way of attracting attention to the dog.
  • It is very important for some breeds to always be in the spotlight, and if a dog is bought as a toy and began to lose interest in it, it suffers and finds such a way to report about its presence.
  • Hunting and working dogs are bored in a measured home environment and can sssatsya in the house simply from anguish.

What to do?

  1. Between the evening and morning walk the dog should take 8-10 hours.
  2. The length of the walk should be at least half an hour, so that the animal could quietly cope with all its affairs.
  3. If the dog wakes up early, then it should be walked out not later than half an hour after awakening or to provide a longer sleep of the dog.
  4. To force an animal to go to the toilet in the same places in the house, it is necessary to treat all these tissues and places with a modern disinfectant, but without chlorine.
  5. If the animal is written at night or early in the morning, and the mode of walking is in order, it may be worth shifting its feeding in the morning.
  6. It also makes sense to teach the dog to go to the toilet on some team or whistle.

If the dog tries to attract attention to itself, to scold it is meaningless. This is the manifestation of your

What should I do if the dog eats home?

Attention she so sought and sheWill continue to write, trying again and again to cause a reaction. In such a situation it is necessary to provide the dog with attention of another order: to play, communicate, take with them to rest. Then she will not have to ssatsya in the house. Owners of workers and hunting dogs need to properly load the animal with work or sports competitions.

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