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Poodle, photo and description of the breed, haircut, care, exhibitions, health

Poodle - one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world. There is an opinion that this is a female dog. In fact, a poodle is a very strong and athletic dog, as well as stylish and proud.

Poodle - one of the most popular breeds of dogs inWorld. There is a common opinion that this is a female dog. But this is fundamentally not true. In fact, a poodle is a very strong and athletic dog, as well as stylish and proud. This dog is sure to attract attention. This breed of dog has beauty and intelligence. These pampered dogs rank second in intelligence after the collie collie.


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Poodle is an ancient breed with a rich history. Although it is a national breed in France, originally a poodle was a hunting dog. Its roots go to northern Europe. The word "poodle" came from the German language (Puddeln) And means splashing around in the water. These dogs were trained to jump into the water. Retriever, hunter? How does this combine in a modern poodle?
Since there are poodles of 4 sizes, they say,That you can pick up a poodle for anyone. But this is not entirely true. If you need a guard dog, do not buy a poodle. Your poodle will bark, letting you know that someone is nearby. But he will never attack another dog or man. They are too friendly for this job.

Do you have time for a poodle? Poodles need your affection and praise every day. Large poodles need a serious physical load. Even dwarf poodles want more than just sitting on your knees. Let their small size do not deceive you. These dogs like to be active. They like long walks and want to be with you always. They are very playful and like to fool around. Sometimes it seems that they have a sense of humor. Poodle - an excellent swimmer and loves to swim.

They love to participate with you in various games. A bored and lonely poodle will not be happy and this can lead to his bad behavior. And in this case, you and your family will not be happy.

Poodle - description of the breed

In general, the poodle is a wonderful family dog ​​withAn excellent temperament. They get on well with children and with all family members, with single people. They like being in the company. One of the main features of the poodle - he tries to maintain good relations with people, is a social animal. What is wonderful in the standard poodle, is that this big dog can raise anxiety in various situations, be a guard dog. The malefactor is unlikely to want to disturb your family when he sees in front of him not a 2 kg poodle, but a large black poodle weighing 25-30 kilograms.

The poodle did not accidentally win the hearts of numerousDog lovers. Poodles are attracted primarily by their original elegant appearance, and they are rightly considered living decorations both on stage and in the room. They are a kind of symbol of all decorative dogs.

Thanks to his cleverness andOriginality, cheerfulness and diverse abilities poodle has become one of the most beloved dogs in all countries of the world. According to the American directory "World Almanac" in the United States of America recorded more than 1.5 million dogs of various breeds. The first place among them is occupied by poodles.

They also love poodles in European countries. At the 4th All-Union poodle show, for example, held in May 1991 in Moscow, there were 1213 poodles of all varieties: large, small, dwarfish and toy poodles of all colors: black, white, silver, brown, apricot and first-born Our views - red-apricot. It was attended by representatives of all regions of the former Union - from the Baltic to Sakhalin, from the Far North to Kazakhstan, united by a common love for this amazing breed.

In addition to the original appearance, this creatureHas a variety of talents. Many poodles, even dwarfish, have excellent hunting abilities. They are vigilant watchmen, especially small varieties. Poodle is very mobile, has an excellent nose and is easier to train than other dogs. Particularly subtle mind and bright individuality of the poodle in combination with a huge cheerfulness make many choose this breed and prefer it to others. In addition, it is unlikely that there will be another breed of dog, which will provide for selection as many variations in size and color as a poodle.


Poodle differs balanced and friendlyCharacter. He can be friends with a horse, a cat and other animals. It is exclusively attached to man. He likes to flatter his master and imitate his actions. His special love is enjoyed by children. He allows them to do with him whatever they want, and willingly joins them in games. Poodle is an ideal companion for the elderly. His livable and affectionate character is as good as possible for an old man. He is a wonderful listener and interlocutor. Due to his sociability, he is easily acquainted with everyone. During illness of the owners the poodle becomes especially close. As if he feels something is wrong. In addition, the poodle is very easy to train, and there are many eyewitness accounts of how poodles have done a lot of good for the elderly.

Poodle - very emotional and impressionabledog. Cheerful and sociable in the company, he does not tolerate loneliness. Remaining alone in the apartment, he cries, whines, worries, maybe even gnawing shoes and other objects. Having lost, for example, the owner on a walk, the dog does not despair and immediately tries to adapt and join any acquaintance, is ready to be his companion and friend even for a short time.

This does not mean that the poodle forgets his master. Guided by instinct and instinct, he long and persistently searches for his owner, examining the street outside the street first of all in all familiar and then unfamiliar places, choosing the shortest ways of searching. Alfred Bram, a well-known connoisseur of the animal world, characterizes this attractive dog: "A poodle is able to help in danger, to show compassion, to laugh, cry, rejoice for joy, and losing his master, desperate not to touch food .. can read the expression of the eyes of the owner of his thought . A poodle is capable of feeling shame, feels time and space ... makes friends with others, even with a cat. "

A few tips for those who decided to have a poodle.

What is the growth of a poodle?

Poodle - description of the breed

Poodle is the only breed of dog that hasThere is a basic and significant difference - growth. A large poodle, or, as it is also called, a royal poodle, is a large dog that needs a large party for walking. It can be trained and used as a service dog or on the hunt for water game.

Small, or medium, poodle is used for the same purposes and even as a pet dog. It is easier to take care of, and it requires less space.

Dwarf and toy poodle - it's very comfortablePoodle options. They are very good runners, fairly hardy, very viable and at the same time require even less space than a small poodle, which is very convenient when kept in modern small-sized apartments.

What color to start a poodle?

In color you can choose a poodle for every taste. The most attractive and photogenic white poodles, but cares with them much more than with a poodle of any other color. Usually to keep snow-white poodles at risk only very clean people. Dreamers prefer pink or apricot. Blue and anthracite dogs are suitable for any person. It is more practical from the point of view of care to choose a poodle for yourself or a rather rare brown or black color. They are cute in their way and easy to take care of.

Male or female?

For many people, the gender of the acquireddogs. Bitches, as a rule, are more affectionate and affectionate, have a more delicate and rich psyche, are smarter than males, are easier to train and accustom to the toilet. These qualities completely smooth out possible some inconveniences for the owner, caused by females twice a year during the period of birth and birth of puppies. Males are more elegant, stricter and more aggressive than bitches, require longer walks. It is believed that if a boy is brought up in a family, it is better to acquire a male, and if the girl is a bitch. Whom to choose? This whole must be attributed to the desires, intuition and individuality of the owner.

Is it worth it to start?

As a rule, poodles live 10-15 years. Buying a puppy, you should tune in to the life of the future dog in your house for this period and be ready to take all the worries and responsibility for a living being. All dogs, and the poodle in particular, are extremely affectionate, their life is concentrated on the owner, on his family. So if you decide to start a poodle, you should ask yourself once again how serious your desire is.

What to look for when buying a puppy

To get a dog is better at a young age. It is not recommended to buy a puppy younger than 6 weeks, since he has not yet developed a character. Purchase should be done only on the recommendation of clubs or sections of dog breeding. It is not desirable to do this on the market, because there is a big risk to get not what was required by the plan. Buy a dog should only be healthy. Choose in the litter you need a stronger, bold, lively and trusting puppy. Be sure to get the necessary documents confirming the pedigree and cleanliness of the dog's breed, as well as information about her habits and behavior.

Poodle in early childhood is not very curly. "Children's" fur coat, though thick, but very soft, fluffy and silky, so the wool splits into thin curls and hangs.


The teeth of the puppy should be sharp, like needles, and completely white.

Silvery poodles are born black, but by the 8th week, the first signs of silvering should appear on the short-cut muzzle and paws.

The fur coat in white puppies is sometimes on the back andA light creamy hue of a child's hair, which usually disappears with age. But if this shade is darker and even reminiscent of apricot, then it often remains after the change of hair, especially on the ears.

The puppy's ears should be large and fit well, without sticking out; The inside of the cartilage is clean; From the ears should not smell.

The puppy's eyes should be very dark, only in brown puppies they can be amber. The eyelids should be dry and clean.

The size

This is the only breed that has 4 optionsSize. Large or standard (45-60 cm height at the withers), small or medium (from 35 to 45 cm in height) miniature or pygmy poodle (height from 28 to 35 cm) and that poodle (24-28 cm). Regardless of the size, all these poodles conform to the breed standards.


In training, the poodle manifests itself in fullShine. The poodle is extremely intelligent. It is one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. As a consequence, the poodle is very easy to train. Of these, you can sculpt anything you like: a dog for everyday life, a dog to perform tests

This dog will make you the best trainer in the world, if you know what you want.


Another great characteristic of the poodle -They do not shed. You can squeeze and mess with it and not notice a single hair on your clothes. Poodle is great for those people who are prone to allergies.


The weak point of the poodle is the care for it. In this regard, the poodle is one of the most expensive dogs. Especially if you are going to do regular haircuts for exhibitions. They also need to bathe every 2 or 3 weeks to keep the coat in good condition. The average life expectancy of poodles is 11-12 years.

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