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Breed of Brabancon Birds: nature, where to buy, price of puppies, photo

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The Brabanson Breed (small Brabanson) appearedIn the 19th century. It is also called the Brabant Griffon. The ancestors of these dogs in Europe appeared around the 15th century. Little is known about them, but after the 17th century the pug was crossed with a griffin, resulting in the appearance of two types of wool in griffons. Finally, the breed was established after crossing with the King Charles Spaniel bright red color.

Brabanson was taken out to guard the royalCrews and the fight against rodents - indispensable companions of the houses of the nobility. But cute little dogs with a stable character and strong health quickly gained popularity. In griffons, their decorative features became more appreciated.

Appearance and size

This is a strong dog with a good bone, almost square, weighing from 3.5 to 6 kg and a height of 8-20 cm at the withers. At the same time, in movement and according to the constitution, it is quite elegant.
It is important that the necessary proportions are observed. Thus, the length of the body of the braabanson bird from the shoulder to the ischiatic tubercles should correspond to the height of the dog at the withers.

The tail is raised and placed high, it is stopped by one third of the length. Undocked tail pointing upwards and towards the back, but should not be twisted.
The head of the griffin compared with the body is sufficientLarge, and the muzzle has almost human expression. The nose is black, with wide open nostrils and a flattened tip. When viewed from the side, the forehead and nose of the dog are in the same plane.

Very short muzzle with black lips and tightClosed mouth. Eyes round, large, widely spaced, but not convex. Their color should be dark brown. Ears are high set and small. They can be docked standing and pointed or uncropped, hanging forward.
The wool of Brabasson is short. Color more often reddish or red, with a little black on the beard and mustache. Can have a dark mask, which in old dogs grows gray or gray.

The character of the Brabanton bird

This is a playful dog that appreciates a person's attention. She loves children and is very attached to the owners, she becomes an excellent companion for the whole family. Brabansons are especially appreciated for the fact that they are not touchy, not aggressive and not rancorous. At the same time they are not a timid dozen, smart and alert dogs with a sense of dignity.
On the muzzle of the Brabanson birds you can see the whole gamut of emotions - from sadness and joy to reverie.
He is very hard to survive even a brief separation and therefore on trips it is better to take it with him or leave only with the people she knows well, otherwise the dog can declare a real hunger strike.

Peti Brabanson is a curious, sociable andObedient dog. He likes to be in the spotlight, quickly memorizes commands and is easily trained. Although with his upbringing you need to be persistent. The dog gets along well with other pets and their relatives.

Maintenance and care

These dogs do not require special care. It is enough to comb its hair daily with a brush. Wash the gryphon with dog shampoo as it gets dirty, but not more than once a month. After washing, the dog's coat should be well dried with a hair dryer. In winter, a dog is better not to bathe at all.

It is better to keep Brabanson in a city apartmentOr a warm house. It can be accustomed to go to the toilet in a cat-like tray. However, this does not exclude the need for daily walks, which the dog needs for health and maintaining a good physical shape. It is vital for the Brabanson to communicate with other dogs.

On average, Brabanson birds live 13-14 years. However, they rarely get sick.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The cost of a Brabanson bird puppy depends on the degree of its breeding and exhibition prospects, as well as the possibilities of breeding. Average puppy can be bought at a price From 600 dollars to 1100 dollars.

Photo of the Brabanson bird

Petit-Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson Petit Brabanson
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