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How to choose the right puppy

How to choose the right puppy? This question interests everyone who wants to get a pet. The ideal age for purchasing a puppy is between the 8th and 10th weeks.

However, it depends on the breed. Since small dogs develop faster than large dogs. The main rule to remember is - Do not take the puppy immediately after weaning. At the age of 9 weeks, he does not yet have time to fully master the language of the characters peculiar to his species. This puppy learns the language when communicating with other dogs.

However, do not wait too long. After 4 months the dog will be more difficult to accustom to a new situation for her. But if the puppy did not have the opportunity to learn and develop their communication skills, it is recommended to take it away from the mother at a later age. There are circumstances when it is not worth hurrying so that the puppy can adapt more easily to an environment unfamiliar to him.

Finally came this important day. The family can not wait to choose a new puppy. But how to make the right choice among hundreds of breeds and characters. It is not easy even to decide which of the puppies is nicer. Before you take a puppy it is important to think: will this constant and faithful companion be able to adapt to the lifestyle of his master when he grows up and vice versa.

When it comes to choosing a puppy, take your time,To avoid mistakes. Well, think it over, ask yourself - "Why do you want a dog"? Read books and articles about the features and behavior of adult dogs of the breed of interest to you. Naturally, such factors as the size and weight of the animal are of paramount importance.

Differences between a small dog that can beWearing on your hands and a huge beast weighing more than 50 kilograms is obvious. Will the dog have enough living space, does it match the size of your apartment, will the owner be able to devote enough time to it?

You should also think about whoPreferably a bitch or a dog? If you are going with a dog to participate in sports obviously the best choice will be a dog. If you need a dog with a strong character, but you can not call yourself an experienced trainer, you will be more suitable for a bitch. Since it is less dominant and more obedient.

Which breed to choose a puppy for?

In addition, you need to consider the sex of dogs that already live in the house.

The character of the dog also depends on many othersFactors. An unconditional attribute of the breed is the persistent hereditary reproduction of certain properties. However, 2 dogs that are in blood relationship can have completely different character. It depends on the conditions of their maintenance and upbringing. That's why it's important to know how the early period of the animal's life happened.

Which breed to choose a puppy for? How to choose the right puppy?

An essential criterion is the breed. Some breeds are more independent, others do not tolerate loneliness. There are breeds of dogs that know how to get along well with children and breeds that are just happy when they are given the opportunity to frolic in the open air field. At the same time, if you need a domestic dog, you can choose one of the breeds with a calmer character and the necessary qualities for living in the family. Some breeds require regular care of the wool, others are relatively unpretentious. Some dogs eat everything that they give and very much, while others pick their fodder carefully. There are smooth-haired and long-haired breeds.

Dogs are very different in their naturalProperties. Such differences need to be considered when choosing a four-legged friend. This will be of great importance not only for the leisure of the owner of the animal, but also to determine its material costs for caring for the animal. Caring for your pet should bring pleasure and never be a burden.

How to choose a good puppy?

Regardless of the breed, every dog ​​-Individuality, with its inherent character only. It can be restrained by nature or affectionate, affectionate, obedient or prone to domination, calm or overflowing with energy.

The choice of breed is always difficult. A good idea will be to contact the clubs and learn as much as possible about the features of different breeds. As for the character, you can choose a suitable puppy with the help of a number of rules that should be followed when inspecting the litter.

Confident, socialized puppy is activeLooking for contact with a person. Down on your knees, he readily runs up to your call. Does the puppy try to follow you when you leave it? How does he behave in the hands of the breeder? When choosing a puppy, you should have the impression that the dog trusts you. Is he healthy? You can make a good impression about it on several obvious signs: clear eyes, shiny hair, healthy skin, tight belly. The puppy should frolic, like all kids and look happy.

It is necessary to ask the person in detailsWhich you buy a dog about everything that you need to know for its subsequent maintenance. Is he trying to sell you a puppy as soon as possible? This can be alarming. Buying a dog from a responsible person has great advantages. He gives you time and he himself will ask you a lot of questions, as he must make sure that he gives the puppy to a good owner. He will provide you with detailed information about how the puppy was grown, about its contents and characteristics.

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