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Once a brave lion fell in love with a playful monkey. But the flattered beloved refused to join with him, frightened of the big difference in size, and offered him fraternal friendship. The outcast king of beasts plunged into deep anguish. Not knowing how to get rid of sadness, he turned to a Buddhist monk who studied the language of animals in their native forest. The wise man asked the lion if he was ready to sacrifice his great power for the sake of Love. And the king of animals agreed without hesitation. Then the monk read a magical prayer, from which the mighty beast diminished in size. Soon the monkey and the miniature lion were married. And the fruit of their relationship was a noble dog, inherited lion pride, peace, courage, monkey cheerful disposition and wise eyes.


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History of the appearance of the breed

It's not the only legend that tellsAbout the origin of the amazing Pekingese. The history of the breed, numbering more than one millennium, is covered with a dense veil of secrets, fictions and wonderful fairy tales. Nobody already knows for certain what year the first lion dog appeared. But for certain it is known that its homeland was "China" - one of the oldest and exotic countries in the world, and the grandfather of that - the child of the Far East became the progenitor. Scientists believe that they were tamed in the northern part of the state and, through careful selection, brought out a long-haired and aristocratic dog.

Another legend tells how fire-breathingThe lizards besieged the imperial palaces and temples. The rulers issued a decree on the extermination of creepy reptiles. Then one of the dragons, who was waiting for the offspring, turned to the god of the mountains for salvation. The deity took pity and turned the little dragons into fluffy and fearless Peking dogs, which the belligerent Chinese loved with all their heart.

Perpetrated pets

About the eastern origin of PekingeseWitness numerous sculptures in surviving churches, palaces and gardens. At each main entrance to the majestic dwellings of the ancient Chinese elite is necessarily the family of bronze or stone lion dogs. One sculpture usually holds the ball with the paw, absorbing power and glory, and the second protects the lion cub - a symbol of happiness and joy.

Figures and images of Pekingese are found inInterior decoration of ancient Chinese palaces. Researchers still find their small sculptures of ivory, enameled gold, porcelain, bronze and jade.

Mention of the breed is often found in the ChineseLiterature, but even more often - in painting. Elegant Pekingese are depicted in the pictures in a solemn atmosphere: they gracefully run, roll on the floor or bark excitedly. Moreover, the Beijing dog is almost the only pet, depicted on the canvases of the great artists of China.

Although Pekingese were exceptionalThe privilege of the imperial families of China, and lion dogs also had other masters. Monks of Buddhist temples bred a special kind of miniature dogs secretly from the aristocracy, as a religious symbol. Monastic Pekingese had a black coat with a silvery flat in the forehead.

The Minister of Agriculture

Not many breeds of dogs can boast such aAn impressive pedigree. Various legends and artifacts of antiquity emphasize unearthly beauty, holy origins, proud character and strong character of Peking dogs.


However, little is known about the history of their breeding. A creature with such noble traits for centuries was a favorite of the emperors and was bred in the conditions of palace bliss and luxury.

Only royal people had the right to maintainPekingese. And the aristocratic life of these little creatures was a mystery behind seven seals. And attempts to solve it and, moreover, to take dogs outside the nurseries were punishable by death.

It is known that the Chinese monarchs of the soul did notTheir pets. Of course, since the Pekingese were considered friends of the Buddha himself - divine dogs. Therefore, a special minister was appointed to take care of them. And some individuals, who by the decree of the emperor received high titles, and did have personal servants.

The only survivors

Palace life of Pekingese ended in 1860. The Chinese peasants raised an uprising against their rulers, weakening the military might of their native country. Then France and England introduced troops to China and stormed the Forbidden City, the summer palace of the Emperor.

Captured unawares, aristocrats were forcedTo escape. They did not want to leave the sacred animal to the "foreign devils". Therefore, before leaving the country, ordered to destroy all Peking dogs.

Fortunately, the panicking servants did not manage to bringIt's up to the end. And in the burning, looted chambers of one of the imperial relatives among the dust, blood and smoke, Europeans first saw the amazing Pekingese.

Dog instead of diamond

The captured Beijing dogs were taken to England and donated to the princes of Victoria. Several decades passed - and a charming Pekingese without gunpowder and bayonets occupied most of Europe.

Keep a small dog with a proud characterWas considered a good form. In the beginning, it cost a lot of money and was often presented as a gift to noble ladies, like a precious stone. The touched hostesses did not want to part with their furry favorites for any mushrooms.

Historians of the breed mention an interesting fact. In 1907, the famous American industrialist J. Morgan wanted to buy from the Englishwoman Clarissa Cross Pekingese Cherha. He offered the lady an astronomical sum - 32 thousand pounds sterling. But the noble person refused. Then the obstinate lord allowed her to set the price for the dog and ... again was refused!

Wonderful metamorphosis

After the military coup, China lost its statusCenter of breeding of Pekingese. Moreover, the former once sacred breed ceased to be cultivated in this country. The Beijing dogs that meet there now are brought there from Europe. And in many respects they differ from their imperial predecessors. In modern English Pekines, wool is longer, and the undercoat is more plentiful. In addition, it is larger than Chinese hand-made pets. This is a perfectly balanced and dense dog with a luxurious head of hair. And let them not deceive her decorativeness: the standard weight of these fast-paced about 5 kilograms. Not too little for a baby!

Character of Pekingese

The nature of Pekingese is suitable for his majesticMind. If you are not ready to keep the imperial dog and the messenger of the gods at home, it is better to refuse to buy a Peking dog at all. After all, he is full of pride, arrogant calm, likes to bathe in caresses and attention.


But if a Pekingese has appeared with you, prepare to cherish the brave son of the Celestial Empire and put up with some of his shortcomings.

This true aristocrat is picky in food and prefers only natural meat food. He might not even like a bowl with a treat.

He snores rather noisily in his sleep. And he also has his own view of the state of things, and he chooses the time when to frolic and play, and when to rest in a royal pose on a soft armchair. And, of course, like every monarch, he easily takes offense when he is distracted during breakfast or rest. Such a dog will not tolerate a familiarity and will start naughty in response, setting up his own house at home. That's why Peking dogs often do not get along with children who are trying to cuddle pussies.

Restless traveler

Famous British actress Beatrice CampbellLoved to tell a funny story about his Pekingese. She was so fond of a pet that she did not part with him for a minute. Once during the trip she tried to carry him through the customs, hiding in her hands under the cape. The check was without excesses, but then her outerwear suddenly barked loudly ...

When the emperor is satisfied

However, to establish friendly relations withRoyal special is easier than it might seem at first glance. Treat Pekingese with reverence - and the proud baby will repay love, fun games and incredible affection. Moreover, its content does not seem tedious.

Pekingese likes to run and frolic in nature. But walking him for a long time will not have to, because of the fast catch-up he gets tired. Enough two half-hour walks per day. You can even train the baby to the cat's tray. Then you do not have to go out in the bad weather and worry about the pet, lingering at work.

In everyday life Pekingese is very clean and tidy. He will not bite furniture, wires, bark for no reason, will not be imposed and distract the hosts from really important things. This unsullied breed is ideal for keeping in small apartments.

Poetry, and only!

The first author of the unusual description of the breed wasThe Chinese ruler Tsu-Hee. This is a quote from her poem, in which she told how the true royal dog looks: "Let her be refined in her passions, so that they know her as an imperial dog! May she thus preserve the feeling of her chosenness and dignity ... "

Care of the Pekingese


The only thing you have to cope with is thisLong pet coat. When the moult begins, all the sofas and pillows are covered with a dense layer of dog hair. However, it is easy to assemble with a wet sponge.

Luxurious wool of Pekingese will require carefulCare. You'll have to comb the dog at least four times a week. But the frequent water procedures are contraindicated to him, because the water from the tap breaks the chemical balance of the skin.

The ideal coat is hard, not getting lost inEasy to comb. To clean it suitable special dry shampoos and talc. And to maintain a spectacular view of the Beijing dog show, special cosmetics are used. But before using it, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

Self-assed bully

With the same anxious attention as at home, forPekingese need to look out on the street. Like all small dogs, the Peking dog is extremely self-assured. He is not able to assess the size of people and animals, so if he does not like something, the mischievous person can easily attack the bull even with fervent barking.

The militant character of the Chinese imperial dog got stronger when it got to Britain. Here, the Pekingese, along with the formidable sheepdogs, grazed the sheep and even hunted chamois.

People around the world are still shaking the storyThe dog of San Et Sung. This daredevil got on board the infamous "Titanic" along with its owner Henry Harper. When the ship began to go to the bottom, a smart pet found the owner and safely evacuated in the boat number 3.

Little Defender

Incredible story happened to the MuscoviteLarisa Suetenko. The robbers crept into her apartment, opening the door with a master key. When, threatening with a gun, they demanded that the woman has family savings, Glasha, a young fluffy Peking dog, jumped out of the next room. She clutched the leg of one of the villains with a strong grip. At that moment, voices were heard on the stairs, and the stupefied bandits hurried out. The brave Pekingese had to heal the dislocation of the paw and a double rib fracture. But the police and the hostess are still delighted with the great deed of the little daredevil.

Healer and mascot

About the brave, mysterious Pekingese stillTell amazing stories and legends. It is believed that the Peking dog protects the native dwelling from evil spirits. In addition, it is called a healing dog and is often planted in nursing homes to brighten up the lives of older people.

Just think, literally for a few dozenYears of wonderful Pekingese secretly fostered in the imperial chambers of China, have won thanks to the British love of the whole world. Lodging yourself and you are a little alien lion, who lost his motherland, and he will become a real emperor of your heart.

Price. How much does a Pekingese cost?

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The cost of a Pekingese depends on the class of the dog. So, the breeders are supposed to distinguish pet-class, breed-class and show-class. To the pet class Are dogs that will not participate in breeding and exhibitions. First of all, these are pets, the usual pets.

To the breed class Belong to individuals that are going to be used for breeding and further improving the breed. In Russia they are usually dogs, with a title not lower than the Champion of Russia.

And finally, show class. This is a class of champions. Dogs that belong to this high level are sold not earlier than 6 months of age. After all, from the age of 6 months, you can accurately judge that the puppy has no obvious defects and is able to be the pride of his kennel in the future.

Currently, the following market prices have developed in Moscow and St. Petersburg for dogs of this breed.

Puppies pet class can be bought at a price From 10 000 rubles, Bride-class puppies are sold at a price From 15 000 And as a rule Up to 30 000 rubles. The cost of Pekingese show class begins From 30 000 rubles.

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