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Pointer dog, breed description and photo, characteristics, care, training

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Learn about the temperament, standard and characteristics of the pointer. See what he likes, his description, character traits, molting and behavior. Take a look at the photo pointer.


Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Protective properties
The size
Attitudes towards children
This medium sized dog with black eyes -An excellent companion for sports, and extremely devoted to his family. This breed became very popular in the 20th century due to its ability to adapt well to city life. To date, there are several breeds that have come from the Pointer. For example, kurtshaar. Pointer is a living embodiment of enthusiasm. He can not sit still. In his eyes, it is clear that he always longs for action. Pointer is doing very well with the children. He has a highly developed hunting instinct. Pointer will be pursued by any animal that runs away from it. Initially, he was deduced in order to be a good helper to a man for hunting in the forests.</ P>

Character pointera

Pointer is very much attached to the owner andHis family and very poorly tolerates loneliness. In order to easily reconcile with loneliness, it must be trained at an early age. Without proper training, the behavior of the pointer can become restless, and sometimes even destructive.

Owners pointerov should keep in mind thatPointer needs about 2 hours a day of physical exercises. If the exercises are given less time, then it can become more active and uncontrollable in the house.

Pointer is remarkably comfortable with other dogs and is never aggressive towards them

The size

Height at the withers is -55-62cm in males, - 54-60 in females

Weight ranges from 20 to 30 kg.


For those who want to get a pointer only, howCompanion dog, it is most important to start early puppy education, as well as to socialization of the dog. At the same time, you need time to learn to obey commands.


Like most dog breeds pointer is prone toSeasonal molt. As a rule, this happens in the spring and autumn. At this time it is recommended to brush the fallen hair once a day. After all, what remains on your brush will not be scattered around your apartment


The pointer has a short and dense coat that repels water. In this connection, care for the Pointer is extremely simple. Pointer should be brushed once or twice a week with a brush or a rough cloth.

Since he has enough coarse hair, he likes a good massage with a brush

To do this, brushes with long rubber teeth are suitable.

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