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How to choose food for dogs

Proper nutrition is the key to goodHealth of the dog and every loving owner tries to feed his pet as best as possible. Therefore, the question: "How and what to choose a dog food?" Is far from idle.

However, to choose the right food, which is optimalWill suit a dog of a certain breed, size and age is far from easy. Before buying food for your pet, specialists of cynologists and veterinarians advise to follow the following points:

When choosing food, carefully study the labels

Read the labels carefully andUnderstand what is hidden behind this or that term. For example, if the word "food" is written on the label and it is claimed that it was made from duck meat. This means that 95% of this food should be duck meat.

How to choose the right food for dogs

However, noneFeed, because it adds other ingredients that dilute the composition of meat. Often on labels do not write "food" and "main dish" or "lunch" and this can mean that the pack does not have more than 25% of meat.

If it is written "with the meat of a duck", then the duck is thereOnly smells, and meat can be only 3%. When using the word "taste", there is no question of meat. There is only taste in the form of artificial flavors. There must be a complete list of all the ingredients that are available in the feed.

How to choose the best food?

Feeds should be avoided, includingThe by-products are indicated. And, it's not so much useful products as the liver, heart, scar. As a rule, by-products means milled bones, claws and other non-edible ingredients.

Not suitable for nutrition of food, inWhich contain cereal byproduct. They are made from parts of the plant that remain after the grinding process. The dog is useful only whole grains. But for wheat and soy very often there is a food allergy, therefore, it is better not to choose food with such products.

The correct food should not contain artificial flavors, sugar substitutes, unnatural preservatives and colorants. The best food is preserved in a natural way withUsing vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (tocopherol). However, the food does not suit dogs, in which citric acid is present. It leads to bloating.

Ethoxicin is dangerous to animal health, oftenUsed to preserve food. It is forbidden to use it for the preservation of human products, because it is proved that ethoxyquin can cause liver disease, cancer in a dog, an upset of the immune system. You need to choose food for dogs, where the first product indicates a specific type of meat (chicken, beef, turkey meat, etc.).

It is better not to take food, where the label says more vaguely: "poultry meat" or simply "meat". And honestly written "beef" on the label does not say aboutHow to choose food for dogs Quality of meat, because the producers of canine food in many countries are allowed to use corpses of dead or died from animal diseases.

Salvation is only an indication of the stern that the meat from which it is made is allowed to consume to people. This is a sign of quality, indicating a high quality product.

Dry, wet or natural food?

Each owner makes his choice in favor of that orOther food. From dry food it is necessary to choose those where the main ingredient is meat or fish. They are more expensive, but more profitable, because the dog needs a very small amount, since such foods are concentrated. Dogs prefer preference to canned food, although many people do not like its smell.

Choosing canned food for dogs, you need to carefullyRead the label where the main ingredient will be meat or fish. It is desirable that the cereals are whole, and not rice bran, brewing rice or rice flour. Natural food is useful to a dog if the owner has time to cook meat and salads from fresh vegetables. If the owner himself eats chips and hot dogs, it is better to switch to a pet for dry food.

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