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Dog food now (na): reviews

Now premium food is made from fresh boneless meat, with the addition of vegetables and fruits. To make food, take boneless meat ducks, turkeys, salmon.

To it are added vegetable and coconut oils, fresh fruits and vegetables. In the production of feed, offal and hormones are not used, animal fats are excluded.

Composition of dog food now

Feed Now is 100% non-grain, because inThe last years among dogs the allergy to grains has strongly increased. This has become a real problem of nutrition of domestic animals. Petcurean Pet Nutrition was one of the first companies to start research in this area.

She also developed an alternative diet for dogs,In which more useful ingredients are used than cereals. Such an alternative was vegetables, fresh berries and fruits. They provide a complete diet of the dog. In addition, they contain enzymes that help the body break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Reviews for dog food nowAnd this improves the digestion and metabolism of the dog. Favorable microflora of the intestine is created by probiotics with prebiotics. Their content in the feed improves the absorption of nutrients from the food. In addition, the dog food Now (nau) has an optimal ratio of fats and proteins of vegetable origin, which allows the animal to maintain its excellent shape and stay healthy. It is issued for three age groups of dogs.

Reviews for dog food now

Reference number 1

For my taichik this food turned out to be realFind. He is allergic to almost all cereals. In doing so, we tried other grainless fodder, but Rico began to get fat terribly fast. The veterinarian explained that apparently the producers, in order for the grainless dog food to be nutritious, add too much fat to it.

And this is not suitable for animals that do notSports. Nau became for us a godsend. In it only the necessary minimum of fat and on it my dog ​​at last has grown thin and began to look harmonous and beautiful.

Irma, Moscow

Reference number 2

Nau attracted me by the fact that it does not contain toxinsBHA and OSH, ethoxyquin. As a chemist, I know first-hand what kind of muck it is. In general, these are fat-soluble chemical preservatives, stabilizers. And they are often used in the production of animal feed. Many manufacturers do not even warn that the feed contains these substances.

And then the dog breeders do not understand where theirPuppies whole bouquets of hereditary diseases. Fortunately, we found Now, in which tocopherol is used as a preservative - that is, vitamin E. It also protects the body cells from free radicals.

Ksenia, Novosibirsk

Review №3

I was immediately advised by the breeders of my puppyIt's the food now. Because we have a solid breed - the South Russian Shepherd. And they have since childhood because of rapid growth there are problems with joints and bones. I feed the baby a duck and a turkey with vegetables for six months. Excellent grows, does not pick the weight and a very active puppy. And with a chair we have no problems, and there is no allergy.

Vitaliy, St. Petersburg

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