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Dog food fitness trainer: reviews

The Italian company Nova Foods positions itself as a producer of premium products. One of its lines of dog food is the fitness trainer.

It is specifically designed forHypersensitive dogs with food allergies, and chronic diseases of the pancreas, liver, and skin. The fitness trainer series consists of five types of canned food and five types of dry diets, which are adapted for both adult dogs and puppies.

The main advantages and composition of dog food fitness trainer

The peculiarity of this food is that it does not contain beef. The composition of the feed includes:

  • Sea fish (tuna and salmon),
  • Lamb,
  • Meat of turkey and duck,
  • Rice,
  • potatoes,
  • A mixture of medicinal plants (dandelion, milk thistle, chamomile, hops),
  • cabbage,
  • a pineapple

All these ingredients are practically incapable ofCause allergic reactions, as well as prevent the development of inflammatory processes that often occur in dogs due to imbalance in the diet. Each dog can choose the most suitable diet, depending on her preferences and diseases.

So a fitness trainer for puppies of small breeds Puppy Mini has two kinds of menus:

  1. Rabbit with rice,
  2. Fish with rice

Reviews for dog food fitness trainer

They are designed for hypersensitive puppiesAny breeds. Adult dogs have a menu: rabbit and corn, duck and rice, fish and potatoes, lamb, rice and potatoes, fish, turkey and potatoes. Such diets are recommended for dogs with a tendency not only to food allergies, but also to furunculosis, moist dermatitis, allopecia, recurrent pyoderma, improve metabolism well.

Dog food fitness trainer is packed at 800 grams, 1, 2, 4, 10 and 15 kg depending on the menu.

Reviews for dog food fitness trainer

Reference number 1

My York has one unpleasant for a dogfeature. He has an immunity to meat. In addition, there are food allergies to wheat and some fruits. I think you can imagine how I suffered with him. When the Fitness Trainer appeared in our city, I immediately bought a fish and potato sampler.

I ate with pleasure and no unpleasant surprises arose. We already finish the first bag, everything is fine.

Inga, Moscow

Reference number 2

My dog ​​(golden retriever, 8 years old) already threeYear is suffering from the pancreas. Because of this, as soon as not suitable, she immediately has a rash on her back. The veterinarian advised to try Fitness Trainer. True, we barely found him, we had to go to the capital, in our backwoods from the feed only the poison is sold. Gray tasted fish with rice, a duck with rice, a rabbit with corn and a lamb with potatoes and rice.

It turned out my dog ​​was a gourmet, most of all he was approached by a lamb. He bursts with special pleasure and pleases with his golden hair.

Oleg, Kiev

Review №3

For already 8 months we've been eating Fitness Duck trainer with rice. I chose it because the only source of protein - duck - is declared in the composition. And the composition itself is simple and without superfluous delights. My dogs on it feel good. In the beginning, I like both the smell and the look, and the price is affordable. And it was nice when we bought a big bag, we were given a very convenient branded container for feed!

Olga, St. Petersburg

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