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Can I give the dog cat food?

A dog can have a cat food to taste, andA cat can addicted to look into a dog's bowl. As a rule, this is what happens and as a result, some owners begin to feed the cat and dog with the same food.

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And if the choice fell on cat food, then for such a master omission of his health will pay the dog. Because, the dog is completely counter-indicative of cat food. As well as on the contrary.

Why can not a dog eat cat food?

Evolutionary dogs and cats - completely differentSpecies, despite the fact that they are both predators and might seem similar. But this is far from the case and the metabolism of these animals is completely different. First of all, they have a significant difference in the blood glucose level.

In cats, it is much higher and as a result, the cat eatsOften and gradually and needs this diet. A dog is enough of one serving a day. And even if the dog eats every two or three days, it will feel great. The second feature is that the cat is vitally in need of an amino acid - taurine. And this amino acid is certainly present in all feline foods.

Why the dog can not fodderIt helps in the small intestine to digest fats andProtects against cardiovascular diseases. For example, the inadequate concentration of taurine in the feed for a cat leads to the development of a fatal heart disease - cardiomyopathy. Representatives of the canine genus independently synthesize taurine from other amino acids - cysteine ​​and methionine, which they, in turn, are derived from animal protein.

Thus, additional taurine from the cat's dog food will be extremely harmful. The fact is that in order to give the catHer taurine, manufacturers make a very high percentage of protein in the cat food. It helps cats to increase the acidity in the stomach, which they need to digest food and synthesize taurine.

Because of this excess protein in the dog canStart a fairly serious health problem. First of all, the ears suffer (otitis develops), eyes and skin (rash appears), and kidney failure develops in a rather short time. In addition, among the small breeds of dogs (namely, they are more often trying to feed with cat food), quite a lot of allergies to protein.

And for such a dog, cat food instantly becomes deadly dangerous. Therefore, if the house has both a cat and a dog, thenIt is necessary to put a cat's bowl with food at a level to which a dog can not reach. For example, feed a purring pet on the fridge or the windowsill.

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