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Dog food Favorite: reviews, price

Russian favour "Favorit" is produced using the technology of the American company "Wenger" has already been tested and approved by specialists in large professional nurseries.

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This is a suitable food even for workers and exhibition dogs that need special nutrition.

There are several varieties of food for dogs of different activity and age of the dog. So, the manufacturer represents types of forages: Junior, Active, Light, Norm, Active and Professional.

Dog food composition Favorit

The Favorite Favorite The professional is designed for dogs with high energy needs. At the heart of this feed is chicken meat and chicken fat, milk powder, vegetable oil, corn germ.

It provides the animal with the necessary proteins,Is enriched with vitamins. To regulate the intestinal flora contains fructo-oligosaccharides. Balance of fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 reduces the risk of heart disease, joints, kidneys. The processes of premature aging prevent vitamins E and C. Due to the high energy value, feed is indispensable for animals with high energy needs.

The feed menu is Active forHighly active dogs. It increases the protein content, which stimulates the growth of the muscular tissues of a sports dog. Energy needs satisfy the high content of fats.

In the diet of Favor Favorite Light is providedFood for inactive and aging dogs older than 7 years. Because of their low activity, they quickly grow fat, which leads to rapid aging and disease. Prevents obesity in dogs reduced caloric content of this food, and its digestibility helps to avoid loss of appetite and weakening of digestion.

Dog food Favorite Junior is designed for puppiesAge from 2 to 12 months. Its composition is perfectly balanced by a complex of vitamins and minerals, which guarantees the proportional development of the muscles and backbone of the puppy. For small teeth, the structure and size and granules are specially selected.

Also, the company developed the Favorit diet for dogs prone to fatness. This lightweight formula is ideal for older dogs.


My grandmother-sennenhund was diagnosed withDysplasia of the elbow joint. The dog is already grown up - 7 years old, constantly limping. And I was looking for a suitable food to relieve my suffering a little. So I noticed a new feed Favorit, which includes shellfish and cartilage - just what my dog ​​needs.

I, of course, understand that the food will not cure, but for three months with him my dog ​​clearly cheered up. Probably, shellfish all the same strengthen joints.

Little was afraid that in the composition of barley and corn - not the most digestible cereals. But my dog ​​took it perfectly

Irina, Moscow

We have been feeding our dogs for a long time. This food has been on the market for a long time and is focused primarily on nurseries. And we really like the price. Wholesale is profitable to take - we get a premium food at a price of an economy. For a bag of 13 kg of the best menu of this food, we give only 900 rubles.

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