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Dog food Royal Canin Cocker Adult 25

Have you ever seen a cocker spaniel look? It is a look that expresses a slight melancholy, behind which lies immense kindness, an energetic and life-loving nature.

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It is calm, balanced and devoted to the masterA dog, with a friendly character. Cocker Spaniel is a small and harmoniously folded dog. However, this breed of dogs has a genetic predisposition to overeating, which they usually suffer very hard.

If the cocker spaniel asks the owner to eat, thenIt is usually difficult to resist the petition of your pet. Despite the fact that this breed of dogs is considered room, it needs daily long walks. In the cocker spaniel, the ear canal is arranged with the letter "G". Cocker spaniel ears have a large amount of earwax, and the delicate skin is susceptible to inflammatory processes.

One of the peculiarities of the cocker spaniel ears isIn that their ears are covered with long hair, which makes it difficult for air to enter the ear canals. Also, such dogs are predisposed to otitis. Cataracts, as a rule, suffer from dogs, which nature endowed with a rather long life expectancy. And the cocker spaniel is no exception to this rule. One of the symptoms of this disease is a visual impairment, and the ocular lens of the dog loses its transparency and acquires a gray-blue color. The excellent appetite of the cocker spaniels may well be the cause of obesity. And this leads to various problems with joints, intolerance to large physical exertion, etc. It is necessary to give your pet an exceptionally balanced diet and buy a special food. For example, special food for cocker spaniels of French production Royal Canin Cocker Adult 25. This feed reduces the risk of the above diseases to a minimum. Your pet will be cheerful and active throughout the day. Among other things, Royal Canin helps to strengthen the skin and reduce skin irritation due to fatty acids such as EPA and DPA. Contains boron and biotone oil, giving your pet's hair a natural beauty. This feed supports the optimal weight of cocker spaniels; Protects dogs from cataracts, thanks to the content of special antioxidants and vitamins E and C; Improves the function of the heart. The sterns produced by Royal Canin are an excellent choice for the nutritious and healthy food of your cocker spaniel.

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