/ How to pick up the dog food?

How to choose a dog food?

At the moment, most veterinarians and many breeders believe that dry food is the best solution in the dog's diet.

It is good that it already contains all the vitamins for dogs and nutrients and do not need to additionally feed the animals. It is important only to choose the right food for each dog.

Selecting the dog's daily food should take into account many features: its magnitude, age, breed, temperament, health, conditions of detention, etc.

The smallest puppies, excommunicated from the motherFirst, you need a milk substitute (up to two months), and then only a specialized feed for the puppies of the suitable breed. Such feed is designed to supply the rapidly growing animal organism with necessary substances in time. The feed for puppies of small breeds essentially differs from a forage for puppies of large breeds. It is very important not to overfeed a small dog's puppy and they make the lightest food for them. For a large dog, it's especially important to grow harmoniously, so there is more calcium in their feed to strengthen weak legs.

How to choose food for grown-ups and aging dogs

Forage of an adult dog is selected according to its image of content. So the dog living on the street needs more calories than the room. Therefore, it is better for them to choose food intended for active dogs.

The same feed offers hunting and sportsDogs at the time of special activity, preparation for the competition. The same food is given to the dog in a particularly cold season, when the animal needs more calories. Although, in order not to risk the health of the dog when transferring to a new food, you can simply increase the amount of its constantly feed by about 50 percent.

Aging dogs also need special food. To a sedentary animal does not fat and did not acquire diseases associated with completeness, such feeds are low-calorie. They provide an additional complex of minerals, which strengthens the weakening joints.

How to choose a dog food for allergies or other diseases

How to choose a dog food for allergiesIf a dog has many (especially basic)Food regularly there is an allergy (rashes, upset stomach), then it needs hypoallergenic food. It does not include products that most often cause food allergy.

There are also medicinal foods that need to be fed to a dog suffering from certain diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus.

A special food is needed for pregnant women, as well.Also nursing bitches. In its composition, the amount of substances, vitamins and minerals required as a bitch, as well as its future or already born offspring, is increased. However, it is not high-calorie, which is quite harmful for a sedentary dog.

In many feeds there are special rulers,Designed for dogs of certain breeds. And this is not casual. Many breeds were derived with a specific purpose, to solve some problems. In connection with this, their specific physiological characteristics were laid. So, for example, already appear on the shelves of food personally for hunting dogs.

Choosing your dog, food should carefully look at its composition. It must be meatOf a certain kind, and not "by-products of animal origin". Not more than 50 percent (ideally 25 to 30) of cereals and vegetables, as well as a hefty list of vitamins and minerals, herbal oils as natural preservatives.

In no case should not take food with chemical preservatives and dyes, as well as sugar. Do not need a dog and empty fillers like cellulose.

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