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German yaggter terrier, description of the breed, photo

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Yagdterrier or German hunting terrier - breedNormal dogs, bred in the 1930s in Germany, but the breed standard was approved in 1981. Yagter terriers are smooth-haired and wool-haired. At the last on the body and extremities the wool is longer, and on the muzzle beard.

German yaggter terrier

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German yaggter terrier

It is a hardy and unpretentious universalA hunter who is incredulous to outsiders. Used for mining, living in the burrows of animals, mainly badger, fox, raccoon dog. Also good is the yagde terrier in the search and feeding of birds from water, track and work on ungulates.</ P>

Size and life expectancy of a yagter terrier

The breed has a strong bone structure and strongly developed musculature.

Color: Dark brown, black or grayish-black with tan marks, height at withers from 28 to 40 cm. Weight from 8 to 10 kg. Can live from 13 to 15 years.

The coat is straight, dense, thick and coarse. Requires a thick undercoat. The ears are high set, small, broken on cartilages.

The nature of the jugger terrier

Dogs of this breed are real hunters. The yagterrier has unlimited courage and a very subtle flair. He is wicked to the beast and is not particularly friendly with people. This is a complex dog, which must be educated strictly and with knowledge of the business, so it does not suit an inexperienced dog breeder. Dogs of this breed very early begin to teach obedience and socialization.

They need to be trained firmly and persistently, but without harsh methods. If not properly trained, the dog can not be controlled.

German yaggter terrier

As a hunter, it is better not to keep this dog inAnd provide very intensive physical exertion and constantly develop working skills. They are best suited to active people who are engaged in regular sports and will be excellent companions in jogging and other sports. Good play in Frisbee. In this case, the owner should be a clear leader for the dog.

If the dog is from puppyhood under control andWell educated, she becomes friendly to the host family, a loving and faithful pet. Yagdterriers perfectly get along with children, like to participate in active games.

In training dogs of this breed are simple and very intelligent. They always try to fulfill the requirements of the owner and are very smart. These dogs adapt easily to new conditions and calmly change their place of residence, feel good in long hikes. Ideally, the yagdter terrier needs to run daily for several hours.
Yagter terriers are capable of selflessly defending the host, even at a risk to their own lives, and they are very suspicious of strangers.

Health and disease

As for the diseases, the yagd terrier, perhaps,One of the most healthy canine breeds. Of course, you can not exclude injuries during sports or hunting, and like any other dog, German hunting can get an infectious and other disease.

However, unlike many other rocks, thisBreeds lack genetic genetic diseases that lead to a certain predisposition. And this inspires confidence that such a pet, can have very good health and live long.

Caring for the yaggie terrier

Dog care breeds yagdterrier not too muchComplicated. Once a week you need to comb the dog's fur so that it does not get tangled and looks healthy and beautiful. In special bathing the dog does not need, unless, as necessary, after bathing in the river, etc. Also, periodically it is necessary to clean the teeth and ears of the animal, to cut off the claws, if they are not sewn on their own.

Yagdterrier very much needs significant andDaily exercise. It is best to keep it in a large yard without a leash, so that the dog can run as much as she needs. With inactive content for a long time in the apartment, the dog becomes restless and restless. But apart from the movement, like any other dog, the yagh terrier also needs love and attention.

Photo of the German Yagdterrier

German yaggter terrier German yaggter terrier German yaggter terrier German yaggter terrier German yaggter terrier German yaggter terrier German yaggter terrier
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