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Dry dog ​​food Arden grunge (ardden grange)

Dry dog ​​food Arden Grange (Arden Grange) is produced in England. As you know, the inhabitants of this country are famous for their careful attitude to domestic pets and the demand for their food.

ArdenGrange is positioning itself as aA food producer for dogs who prefer a healthy lifestyle. This hypoallergenic, ecologically clean, containing no artificial preservatives, food, rich in essential trace elements and vitamins. Only such food becomes a pledge of daily vigor and longevity of the pet, guarantees its excellent physical shape and good mood.

The taste qualities of dog food Arden Grange can be assessed by the way in which it is eaten by the most spoiled European dogs.

Types of dog food Arden Grunge

Fodder arden grungeThe producer offers separate feed lines for dogs of different weight categories, breeds, age and degree of activity. There is food for dogs of small breeds, medium and large.

  • So labradors are recommended forage, based on salmon and rice. Under normal physical loads and feeding on this food, labradors prone to fattening do not gain excess weight.
  • The feed line of Sensetiv is very interesting. It is made on the basis of potatoes and cod and is intended for dogs with sensitive skin and stomach. After all, grains often cause food allergies in dogs.
  • For dogs inclined to fullness,Dietary food series Light. It has a minimum of animal fat, and also provides two feeding schemes. One is designed for weight loss, and the second - to maintain a normal weight.
  • There is also a feed line for older dogs that move little, are prone to fatness, and their locomotor apparatus needs special care.

Composition of dog food Arden grange

About all dog food Arden Grunge (ArdenGrange) it can be said that in their composition only natural processed meat and vegetable components. At the same time, the food is hypoallergenic, as they do not contain dairy products, soy, wheat gluten, beef.

These feeds do not containGenetically modified ingredients, salt or sugar, as well as dyes, artificial flavors and preservatives that are not necessary for the dog's body. Moreover, the freshness of the feed is provided by a mixture of tocopherols of only natural origin (vitamin E) and rosemary extract.

Thanks to the prebiotics FOS and MOS, nucleotides, pulp pulp and flaxseed, they improve digestion, and antioxidants and vitamins support the immune system.

About the beauty and health of the skin and wool in the stern Arden Grunge are taken care of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

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