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Dog food, canned Zoohurman, reviews

Canned Zoogurman produces the Russian company of the same name. The food of this brand belongs to the product of superpremium class, that is, to a natural diet.

When making canned food, only high-quality domestic meat of beef and poultry is used, as well as the heart, liver, scar. They do not contain soy, fragrances and preservatives.

Types of canned food for dogs Zoogurman

The assortment of canned food is quite large andConsists of several series for different breeds, physical development, age, conditions of keeping the dog and even the "owner's purse". There are more than a hundred species.

Zoogurman dog food series have their names: "Meat ragout", "Meat assortment", "Meat souffle", "Delicious giblets", "Without problems", "Spetsmyas", and "Sausages in the bank".

All cans can be easily openedA cover with which you do not have to mess around for a long time, and the packaging of feed in cans of various sizes and weighs from 100 to 750 g allows owners to choose the most economical product for their pets. Some food can be bought occasionally, for example, for testing in the smallest bank. A favorite product of a dog is cheaper to buy in large jars.

Also soon to be released dietary rulerCanned food, which are aimed at dogs that need special nutrition. These are animals with diseases of the digestive system, thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, urolithiasis, etc.

Reviews of dog food, canned Zoohurman

Reference number 1

Canned food for dogs ZoogurmanIn my opinion, which I express at once onSeveral "dogs", canned goods "Zoogurman" in their class are the best. Particularly pleased that it is domestic. Finally, we survived to this wonderful time, when domestic meat products are valued already better than imported ones.

And it is enough to smell the canned food. This is really delicious food! It's nice that there are no extra additives in this feed. If the name of the groats is not stated, then it is not in the bank itself. It's good that the assortment is big enough. There is also a food for puppies, and with a heart, and pure beef or only with a liver. And that's not all that could be listed.

And with good quality, the price is very affordable. Of course, pet stores also offer cheaper canned food, but a loving owner will not save on his dog. We are responsible for those who have tamed.

Larissa, Moscow

Reference number 2

Recently quite by accident discovered for myselfCanned goods "Zoogurman". My boxer often suffers from constipation, then diarrhea, so I have already tried on it a lot of different foods. So I bought canned goods of the gold series, almost in despair - a little scared of the low price and domestic production. It turned out that inside is really meat. My fastidious dog did not have to persuade, and it was not possible to drag it away from the bowl, ate everything in one moment.

Very tasty look canned and pleasantSmell. I myself would eat with pleasure. I often take beef with giblets, and sometimes with a scar. And now I do not care for the dog, everything is with her digestion is normal.

Igor, St. Petersburg

If you gave your pet a Zoogurman feed, share your recall. Perhaps you will help other breeders to make the right choice. Our site does not cooperate with the manufacturer, so we will post both positive and negative opinions about the product.

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