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Food for dogs and cats Husse: composition, reviews

The Swedish brand "Husse" is the leader in EuropeOn delivery of forages and goods for pets. In addition, the food "Husse" successfully crossed the ocean, becoming a favorite product for animals and the American market.

Invariably high quality and, importantly, the optimal price combined with competent service and free delivery are the components of the success of this brand in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

For 25 years Husse feed has been developed, tested, manufactured under the constant supervision of Swedish nutritionists-veterinarians at the leading factories in Europe on an exclusive Swedish recipe.

Strict scientific approach, the most advancedProduction lines, the latest developments in veterinary European dietetics in combination with high quality ingredients serve as a guarantee of the health of your pet.

Even a small amount of balancedDry food "Husse" (for dogs and cats), calculated depending on the weight of the animal, is enough to provide the pet with a daily need for adequate nutrition. After all, the feed does not contain an excess of hardly digestible fibers. Due to low consumption (92% digestibility) of each "Husse" package is enough for a long time, and this reduces your spending on feeding a pet.

Classes of dry food for dogs and cats Husse

Dry feed "Husse" is represented in several classes: Super premium, premium and professional.

The procedure for the creation of dry feed "Husse"Extruded baking using new generation technological lines. This principle is based on a significant increase in temperature and pressure compared to the previous generation of production lines. In the extrusion process, the starch contained in vegetables, wheat, grain becomes easily digested for cats and dogs, thereby reducing the risk of food allergies and increasing the digestion of food to animals. For the owner, this means that his pet will be healthy, energetic and satisfied.

Distinctive features of the company Husse

  • The feed itself according to a preliminarily agreed scheduleYou will be delivered immediately to the "bowl" not just a courier, but a specially trained specialist assigned to your district of the city (on the principle of a district doctor) who knows all the features of the development and nutrition of your pet. Moreover, your "courier" will have a veterinary education or, at least, a special certificate "Husse".
  • In addition, you always have the opportunityTo consult with specialists online, by phone or on the spot, when you get an order for free. During the consultation, you will be able to choose the best food for your pet.
  • Experts "Husse" will also always help in solving other problems that often arise in the owners of dogs, cats and horses.
  • Constant feed buyers join in clubsFriends "Husse" and communicate, consult, share experience, and are served, while receiving not only membership discounts for the purchase of feed and veterinary assistance, but also acquiring like-minded people, which facilitates the task of maintaining a healthy lifestyle of the pet.
  • Ecological compatibility, high level of service and constant quality of products are constant companions of this Swedish brand.

Perhaps that's why for almost a quarter of a centuryOf the existence of feed "Husse" from Sweden became leaders in the European market for animal nutrition - not only in sales, but also in the number of home delivery orders.

Features of the composition of feed Husse

  • In all Hussef premium foods, lecithin is contained. When added to the diet of lecithin, the digestion of the animal is improved, and the dog receives more energy from the food.
  • In most products, "Husse"Super premium class is used only in avian and egg whites, both types of protein from one species family. This means that dogs with allergies to pork or beef can eat these foods without problems.
  • For dogs with allergies to chicken and wheatGluten-free company "Husse" has developed two types of feeds with unique properties. In the feed "Husse Lamb & Rice only lamb meat is used as a protein of land animals and only rice - as a cereal.
  • The food "Husse Lax and Ris" contains only salmon meat and rice. In these two feeds for pets there are no proteins of gluten and other types of meat.
  • The food contains the antioxidant B-carotene forStrengthening of natural immunity. The optimal content of omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 prevents inflammation, improves skin and coat condition. Copper in the composition of the feed stimulates the production of enzymes that support the color of the wool.
  • Feeds for dogs of large breeds contain an extract of green mussels as a source of chondroitin and glucosamine, which contribute to the flexibility of the joints.
  • All cat food, as well as for dogs,Do not contain chemical preservatives, artificial flavors and colorants. The company constantly carries out research work on the improvement of formulas already liked by many, as well as the development of new delicious and useful fodders for our pets.
  • So in the cat food add the yucca extract. Its most famous property is the ability to purify the body. Extract from this plant contains enzymes, saponins, chlorophyll, antioxidants and other useful substances with a multidirectional effect.

They help absorb nutrients,Necessary for the body, improve digestion and regulate excretory processes. This beautiful plant is appreciated even by people suffering from chronic diseases of the colon.

Husse Club

And saponins, also available in yucca, are effectiveWith inflammation of the joints and have one interesting property for the owners of domestic cats: they prevent the spread of ammonia. When added to the diet of saponins, yucca passes through the digestive tract and is not digested excreted. In excrement, saponins combine with ammonium and other unpleasant odor components and prevent their release into the air.

And since the cat tray is often inHome, there are two ways to solve the problem of unpleasant odor: feed containing yucca extract, or the use of filler for cat litter "Husse Cat Liter."

Some foods prevent the formation of hairy lumps in the intestines of the cat due to natural fibers and are enriched with taurine, which prevents blindness and maintains the health of the heart muscle

To transfer in one article all the experience gainedSpecialists of the company "Husse" for 25 years, it is impossible. Husse always offers the optimal solution scientifically substantiated and tested by numerous laboratory studies, supplying the feed directly in the "bowl"

Healthy way of life from Sweden - perhaps, so it is possible laconically to formulate the main quality of this new product for pets in the Belarusian market.

Reviews of dog food Husse (Husse)

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