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Forage for castrated dogs: species and producers

After castration of the pet, he needs to changeDiet. This is due to the inevitable changes in the body, primarily in the metabolism. In turn, the metabolism changes due to the fact that the body stops producing male sex hormones.

Any experienced veterinarian will tell about the need to change the ration. It is better to choose a special food for this.

What is the use of food for a neutered dog?

First of all, the special composition of feedHelps restore the dog's body after the operation and rebuild it in a new way. After all, any operation - it's stress for the body and recover from it to the animal will help not only proper care, but also quality nutrition.

After castration, the dog has serious changes in the body, which is fraught with two major health problems.

Forage for castrated dogsThe first of these is excess weight and a whole bouquetDiseases, which may follow. Therefore it is very important to constantly monitor the weight of the dog, do not overfeed it and physically load it. When feeding with dry food, it is better to switch to a special food, the main feature of which is low caloric content. With this menu, the dog will not get fat, and at the same time will not starve, as it happens on a diet.

The second problematic consequence of castration is the riskOccurrence of urolithiasis. It especially increases with age, so animals older than 5 years should choose food that not only takes into account the slow metabolism, but also the age-related health problems. Also there are special medicinal forages, the task of which is the prevention of urolithiasis. But giving them is only for the doctor's prescription.

Stamps of forages for neutered dogs

  • On the issue of the manufacture of special foodSeriously suited company Royal Canin. She has developed a whole range of fodder for castrated dogs of different sizes - Neutered Adult. This is a full-fat, low-calorie feed that reduces the risk of gaining excess weight.
  • The Neutered feed is designed for feeding adult castrated dogs prone to being overweight. A feeling of saturation in it gives a combination of highly digestible proteins with a low calorie content of the product.
  • A range of specialized ProPlan feedsIs called DOG ADULT STERILISED. It takes into account not only the risk of weight gain, but also the occurrence of urolithiasis. That is, it regulates metabolism and the work of the urinary system.

Virtually any premium and premium feed linePremium class has a special diet for neutered dogs. In order not to expose the dog's body to additional stress, immediately after the operation it is better to pick up a specialized feed from the habitual ruler.

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