/ How much to give a dry dog ​​food. Calculation of feeding

How much to give a dry dog ​​food. Calculation of feeding

In order to calculate the rate of consumption by a dog of dry food, it is necessary to know the exact weight of the dog, and also take into account its age, size, activity and even the breed.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account,That feeds of different classes have different energy values ​​and this also introduces adjustments to the calculations. For example, premium feed and superpremium have an energy value of 300-350 kcal per 100 g of product. Feeds of the economy class have less energy value - per 100 grams 250-300 kcal.

How much dry food give the dog

On each pack of dry food, the calculation of the consumption rate is shown, depending on the age and weight of the dog. But these are average norms that need to be individually adjusted.

How much to give dry food to an adult dog: the calculation of feeding

Large dog Weight from 35 to 65 kg for one feed will be needed From 400 to 600 grams of dry food Premium class or 600-800 grams of feed of the economy class. Medium breeds Weighing from 15 to 35 kg is necessary From 300 to 400 grams of dry food High quality or 400-600 grams of economical food.Small To adult dogs, whose weight does not exceed 15 kg, the daily norm of premium feed is 150-300 grams, while the feed of the economy class is 300-400 grams. In this case, dogs of small breeds should be fed twice a day, dividing this portion in half.</ P>

A special calculation of feed is needed for very Active Dogs that participate in sports competitions are involved in the service or in hard work, as well as for lactating or pregnant bitches.

For them, the daily rate is calculated first according to the data given, and then another third of the portion (for working dogs) or a quarter (for pregnant or lactating) is added to the result obtained.

Elderly and inactive dogs, prone to obesity, it is necessary to reduce the usual dose by 20-25%.

How much to give a dry feed to the puppy: the calculation of feeding

How much dry food to give to the dog

Puppies are actively growing and therefore they need a special calculation of a portion of dry food. The daily rate of the puppy, up to 7 months old, should exceed the adult's feeding rate by 50%.

Thus, a puppy of large breed per day will need from600 to 900 grams of premium food or 900-1200 grams of low-fat food. Puppy of medium breed needs 450-600 grams of high-quality fodder or 600-900 grams of feed of economy class.

Puppies for small dogs need 200-450 grams of premium food or 450-600 grams of economical food.

These numbers seem excessive for the puppy, butIt is necessary to consider that puppies are fed much more often than adult dogs. For example, if an adult Labrador once a day is given a dose of 500 grams of high-quality feed, then the Labrador puppy at the age of three months, the norm of 750 grams distributes to five receptions of 150 grams.

In this case the puppies need to be fed with a special food intended for their age.

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