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Dog food Canidae (Canidae)

Dry dog ​​food Canidae (Canidae) producesCompany Canidae Corporation (USA). The production of holistic feed is based on the principle of "quality for people", that is, they are made not from waste, but from separately selected natural products produced exclusively in the United States.

Composition of dog food Сanidae

The main difference between Canidae and other companies- is the presence in some rations at the same time four types of animal protein. This is dehydrated meat and flour from turkey, chicken, lamb and fish. There are forages devoid of cereal crops, and in formulas with cereals only rice and a small amount of crushed barley, millet are used.

In the composition of cane food there is a qualityChicken fat, tomato peel, sunflower oil, necessary for healthy skin and wool sources of essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3. To improve digestion, chopped flaxseed, alfalfa, cranberry, sage extract, rosemary extract and Yucca Schidiger were added. Also all Canidae feed formulas contain prebiotics and probiotics, chelated minerals and a full complex of vitamins necessary for the body.

Dog food Canidae (Canidae)

Carefully selected ingredients and exclusion of hazardous substances make this food suitable for feeding animals prone to food allergies.

Formulas for dogs Canidae (Canide)

Dog food Canidae (Canidae) has several diets. The most unique one can be called the formula "Human Grade" (as for people), the quality is not inferior to human food.

The diet "All stages of life" contains four typesSource of protein - chicken, lamb, turkey and ocean fish. And all this is enclosed in one finished product that does not contain wheat, soy, maize, harmful preservatives. Such food is suitable for dogs of all breeds and in any period of life: from puppies to the elderly, including those prone to allergies.

Formula Canidae Lamb & Rice is based on meatLamb with the addition of brown rice. This holistic feed will also suit dogs of all breeds, of any activity and age. At the heart of the food is Canidae Chicken and Rice selected chicken meat with rice. Canidae Platinum food is specially made for feeding elderly, sterilized and overweight dogs. It consists of turkey, chicken, lamb and ocean fish.

Kanida's forages are a full and balanced nutrition of the dog at all stages of its life and do not assume additional feeding.

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