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Feed for lactating dogs

The nursing bitch needs a special diet andBecause almost all manufacturers of dog food have their own diets for feeding lactating bitches. They provide various nuances of the state of the dog's organism in this period, its needs.

For example, the amount of protein in the feed should not beExceed 28% and be less than 24%. The content of vitamins should be increased, as well as micro and macro elements, minerals. When feeding dry food to a nursing bitch, there must be plenty of drinking, as well as sour-milk products, such as yoghurt products, cottage cheese, kefir.

This is necessary for quality milk from the dog. Although if the dry food has a premium or super premium class, then additional vitamin-mineral top dressing is not required. In such food, all the needs of the dog-mother are balanced.

How to Feed a Nursing DogDistinctive features of feed for nursing dogs

Dry food for nursing dogs has an increased nutritional value and the amount of protein, both vegetable and animal. This is necessary to maintain the dog inNormal physical form. In such a fodder, the amount of fats is precisely regulated, so that the puppies do not have a digestive disorder. And a significantly increased dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The only thing the dog will need is inIncreasing the amount of food. In the first week after childbirth, her appetite is reduced and a normal rate should be given. In the second week, the diet of the feeding dog should be doubled, and from the third week until until it stops feeding the puppies, the diet of many females is tripled.

Also the amount of feed depends on the number of puppies that have been born. If the dog has more than seven babies, then the triple diet may be needed from the second week.

The power mode also changes. The daily rate of a bitch needs to be divided into 5-6 receptions, it is better to offer a bitch to eat after she feed the puppies. If the dog ate well before the delivery of a certain brand of food, but the same company does not have a special diet for lactating bitches, it is better not to transfer it to the feed of another company, but to feed the puppies already tested by the manufacturer.

If the dog eats dry food, the economyClass, then she needs an additional special top dressing, designed specifically for lactating bitches with the necessary complex of vitamins and minerals.

The lack of these substances can lead not only to exhaustion of the mother, but also badly affect the health and development of the puppies.

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