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Dog food four-legged gourmet: composition, price

Dog food is a four-legged gourmet produced by the Russian company of the same name, which specializes in the production of animal feeds, including dogs.

Canned food for dogs contains meat and offal. To preserve the maximum amount of nutrients in products, a specially developed gentle cooking technology is used.

Because fresh natural meat for a dogIt always smells appetizing, it does not need to be flavored with flavorings and other additives, as well as extra paint. And the company insists that canned food series "Meat assortment" in its composition have only meat, without soy and any other ingredients, as well as genetically modified products.

Composition and price of dog food Four-legged gourmet

So in the canine canned food "Meat assortmentWith Language "only tongue, scar, beef, vegetable oil, salt, bone meal (1%), gelling additive and drinking water. The composition of canned food "with giblets", "with heart", "with beef", "with lamb" is similar.

Canned food for dogs four-legged gourmet

In the diet, the dog must necessarily be cerealsAnd vegetables and "Four-legged gourmet" produces instant cereals. They consist only of dried vegetables and cereals, which has undergone special heat treatment. They do not contain any flavoring and other artificial components.

Releasing meat products and cereals separately,The manufacturer provides the opportunity for the dog owner to choose a diet that will best match the needs of each particular dog. For example, a dog participating in sports competitions will need a high content of meat, and an aging sedentary dog, on the contrary, in a lowered.

Also, the dog owner can independently orAfter consultation with the veterinarian choose the necessary vitamin supplements. At the same time, the finished products will save time compared to feeding the dog with natural natural food.

Canned "Four-legged gourmet" are packed in 100 grams, 340 and 525 grams. The price is 30, 68 and 95 rubles.

Porridge with vegetables are sold in buckets weighing 400 grams, 1 kg, 4 and 15 kg. And they cost from 74 to 2000 rubles.

However, this brand also has a series of "Ready-made lunch", which offers a fully formed menu: "Turkey with rice", "Heart with buckwheat".

Many consumers estimate dog food as a four-legged gourmet at the super premium level due to the availability of only natural ingredients. At the same time, feed prices are very moderate and are available to most breeders.

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