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Feeding dogs with natural products, food

Very often, if your pet has an allergy or other health problems, The veterinarian advises to carry out the feeding of dogs with natural products. You decided to give up dry dog ​​food and feed your pets with home food. Find out what foods should necessarily be in his diet.

Eggs in natural feeding of dogs

This is one of the most valuable products that almostCompletely absorbed by the body. Protein of raw eggs can be used to treat peptic ulcer, with poisoning - it reduces the absorption of toxins in the intestine.

Eggs are an indispensable product in the treatment of atherosclerosis, so they should be more often included in the diet of older animals.

In eggs there are also many vitamins: A, D, B6, E, microelements: phosphorus, iron, calcium, iodine, cobalt, copper. Heat treatment for the utility of eggs affects little, but they are best absorbed by cooked soft-boiled.


Feeding dogs with natural food

The most valuable are buckwheat and oatmeal. They contain many proteins, vegetable fats and fiber, as well as vitamins B: (B1, B2, B3) and minerals, especially iron. In their composition - also lyotropic substances involved in the metabolism of fats and preventing the accumulation of fat in the liver. The digestibility of buckwheat and oatmeal is significantly increased in combination with dairy products. These cereals are indispensable for feeding animals suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis, liver diseases.

Rice is a useful cereal, but sold from us,Polished and polished, practically devoid of any vitamins and mineral elements. Very useful is brown rice, which passed a more gentle treatment. Well-brewed rice, along with mucous decoction, is useful in digestive disorders.


In vegetable fat, a lot of vitamin E andVirtually no vitamin A and vitamin D. When refining vegetable oil, the amount of nutrients is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is desirable to use unrefined oil or oil, which has been treated with freezing, for feeding.

Vegetables and fruits with natural feeding of dogs

They contain pectins that bind andDerive salts of heavy metals and other toxins, as well as cholesterol. They have antibacterial properties and are used to treat diseases of the digestive tract.

Vegetables are included in the diet, both in raw form, andIn the past heat treatment. Cabbage is best given stew or boiled, and carrots - raw, grated and mixed with some fat, such as butter.

Beets are often cooked. But if your four-legged pet is prone to constipation, then it can be added to the feed in grated form.

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