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Dry dog ​​food Oscar, composition, price, reviews

Oscar is the brand of the whole line, both dry andWet dog food. This is Russian-Danish production, from the lines of which MonAmi and Trapeza feeds also come off. Technology, which is used in the process of production of Oscar fodder, allows you to preserve all the useful properties of fresh meat.

The convenient location of production of dry food (between Moscow and St. Petersburg in the Tver region) and the Danish logistics system allows fresh food to be delivered quickly to the largest wholesale organizations.

Oscar - formula of nutrition for premium dogs,Created on the basis of modern research in the field of veterinary medicine and dietology. It provides an increased protein content to compensate for the high energy costs of active dogs.

Health of the gastrointestinal tract providesModerately fermented fiber. The production of Oscar dry food lines uses vitamin and mineral complexes from the leading international concern in the field of animal pharmacology - Aventis Animal Nutrition. Such a vitamin complex promotes the endurance of the dog's body even with considerable physical exertion.

Main features and composition of dry food for dogs Oscar

Dry food for dogs Oscar

The diet of fodders is based on meat (lamb, poultry) andBy-products, and also fish and cereals (rice). Also in the menu "Oscar" includes meat-and-bone meal, vegetable and animal proteins, fats and oils, vegetables. For more information on what kind of food is considered ideal, see the article Composition of Dog Foods

The rations include calcium for development andPreservation of bones and teeth. For the development of muscles and maintain the health of the immune system, the optimum level of protein and vitamins C and B is calculated. The visual acuity is supported by vitamin A, and biotin and a carefully balanced complex of omega-acids are concerned with the health of the skin and wool.

Dry dog ​​food Oscar is designed to feed dogs of small, medium and large breeds. Individual menus are provided for dogs withIncreased activity, for puppies. High digestibility of the feed allows you to saturate the body with nutrients and allow you to keep the animal's weight in order and avoid obesity.

Low feed prices are the result ofSpecial policy. New trademarks have been specially created to ensure that the buyer does not overpay for a known name. In addition, advertising costs are minimized, as new customers learn about feed by recommending breeders, friends and veterinarians.


Dry food of this brand is issued, as a ruleIn packages of 2 and 14 kg. The price for a pack weighing 2 kg varies from 120 to 150 rubles. A pack of 15 kg. Depending on the brand will cost from 700 to 850 rubles

Reviews for dry dog ​​food Oscar

Reference number 1

We picked up the puppy under the porch and boughtInexpensive Oscar food. Maybe with a lot of hunger, but the puppy ate with pleasure. Of course, in the composition of only 4% of rabbit meat, and the rest - by-products. But the smell is normal, not chemical.

Puppy after eating is active, playful. We already feed the second week, there were no special troubles with the intestine. Already the weight is gaining. I think that the fodder has completely approached him, we will try other tastes.

Irina, Krasnodar

Reference number 2

My boxer is a fan of diversity in food and fromThe same diet is periodically refused. The Oscar we liked the food by the fact that it has many different menus. Therefore, I buy my boy all the tastes alternately: beef, rabbit, turkey, chicken, vegetables. Also in the feed is a good amount of vitamins for dogs.

And the price is generally very attractive, because notEveryone will find money for all kinds of super premium feed. And people on the forums write that the dogs also poison the expensive forages. And my dog's theme of the favorite food is closed. And he is quite pleased.

Tamara, Moscow

Review №3

The food is good enough, my dog ​​likes it. Convenient packaging, you can buy any number you need. I like that the food is substantial and my glutton is quite satisfied, does not walk every hour with a bowl. Yes, and the price is acceptable.

And he is available, unlike many othersFeed. It is on sale in almost all pet stores. Do not constantly look. And the smell seems normal. Although probably something like this in the feed is added, that the animals are clearly addictive. But, the main thing is that there is no diarrhea in the dog, no allergy.

Vladimir, Volgograd

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