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Food for dogs and cats Husse

Swedish brand Husse for 25 years isSupplier of dry feed super premium and premium class for cats and dogs, high-quality natural canned foods, wool care products and other "cat-and-dog needs" of excellent quality.

Husse is chosen as in Europe, where the owners and theirPets are "spoiled" by an abundance of food from German, French, Italian producers, and overseas, where a variety of excellent feeds, it would seem, does not leave the Swedish company able to find so many admirers.

But the fact is obvious: Husse is incredibly popular on both sides of the Atlantic! And this is natural, because the consistently high quality of feed, taking into account the latest developments of leading veterinary nutritionists, allows the fodder to fully meet the growing demands of the owners for the quality of nutrition of domestic animals.

The great advantage of Husse is the combination ofOptimal price with competent service and free delivery. Ecological and naturalness are permanent companions of the Swedish brand. The owners of the animals, who liked food, give Husse only positive feedback - all food from Husse is balanced according to the needs of a particular animal, does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring agents.

Special thanks to the employees of Husse receive fromOwners of animals prone to allergies. With this food, the dog feels great and looks great, and its owners are freeing up the time that they used to cook on diet food. In this case, hypoallergenic food is enriched with all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals that promote the growth and development of pets.

Types of feed Husse

What is more pleasant, Husse offers a wholeA hypoallergenic series of feeds that are different in composition, which will taste even the most fastidious pets and are perfect for animals with sensitive digestion: Lamm & Ris (Lamb and Rice) and even grain-free fodder Kickling Potatis (Chicken with potatoes and tomatoes, specially processed to be better absorbed by pets ).

Dog food Husse

Nutritionists Husse did not forget to take care ofThe professional dogs participating in the competitions and carrying the service. Feed OPTIMAL Energy (Super premium class) and professional PRO Energy feed give dogs extra energy due to natural supplements, vitamins and trace elements. And chondroitin and glucosamine contained in feeds are simply necessary for the mobility and elasticity of the joints.

In general, excellent health and goodThe mood of the animal and the owner are the priorities of Husse brand for 25 years! That is why in many countries the regional official representatives of the Swedish brand Husse are sponsors of various agility and frisbee competitions. Most of the champions have grown up on the stern of this Swedish brand and are now winning the victory for the victory of the joy of caring owners.

Frisbee and agility make the dog and master inCohesive team. There are different types of frisbee competitions (for range, accuracy and performance of tricks with a disk). All of them are very interesting, spectacular and exciting, moreover, they do not require a lot of money. We only need the correct, non-traumatic soft tissue of the dog's mouth disc, and a small lawn in the nearest yard or park. And how much fun with this and get the owner, and his dog!

If your pet tries the feed of Husse, then he can hardly refuse from it once.

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