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Owners of animals, and especially breeders, have longAppreciated the convenience of dry food. They now do not need to spend a lot of time on the regular purchase of fresh products, and especially - to prepare balanced dishes for dogs.

Now everything is much simpler: Bought a packet of food, poured it into a bowl at the right time and forgot about the hassle. However, the feed has one not very pleasant nuance - it is more expensive than conventional products, because its preparation uses technology to maximize the safety of products and their nutrients. For the production of dry dog ​​food, the products are evaporated, processed with a high temperature, granulated, pressed, and the like.

Of course, such processing is quite costly andWe get expensive food. When this cost is added to the cost of packaging, packaging, transportation, handling, storage, salaries to sellers, etc. Etc., then the price of the final product increases by 50 percent.

What is the benefit of buying dog food wholesale?

Food for dogs of different lines, as a rule,Is made in different packaging: from small "probes" to 400-500 grams to twenty-kilogram bags. And if you analyze the prices for them, it becomes apparent that 100 grams of feed from the "probe" is more expensive than the same 100 grams of food from a large package. For example, a kilogram pack of Eukanuba dog food, popular with breeders, costs 150 rubles, and a 20-kilogram bag - 2220 rubles, that is, 1 kilogram costs 110 rubles. There is a saving of 800 rubles on a large pack of feed.

It is especially advantageous to buy large volumes of feed for breeders, owners of hotels for animals and nurseries. Thus, they avoid unnecessary costs that are included in the retail cost of feed.

And now, with the development of Internet commerce, itIs becoming more popular, because it allows you to buy goods without a lot of extra charges for all kinds of intermediaries: warehouses, managers, superfluous office workers. In them the most profitable wholesale purchase of high-quality fodder is possible.

By and large, it can not be said that food forDogs wholesale buy cheaper, because there is an objective price of the manufacturer, below which he will not sell his goods. But you can say for sure that in retail, food is more expensive to buy.

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