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Dry dog ​​food Norm

"Norma" feed is produced by the Russian company "Favorit", the manufacturer of several different diets for dogs, as well as feed for other animals.

For the production of feed, the company uses modern equipment, which allows us to produce a sufficiently high-quality product.

The most expensive and complex equipment of the plant is an extruder.

With its help under the influence of high temperature,Pressure and deformation form feed particles. Also, food sterilization takes place, availability of nutrients improves, toxic substances are deactivated. A special quality control system was introduced at the forage factory, which includes three laboratories equipped with modern equipment.

They carry out a four-stage control overStorage and processing of food raw materials. Control is conducted on 14 parameters of the state of such ingredients of the feed as crude protein, fiber, fat, salt, ash, phosphorus and calcium. It also checks the toxicity, moisture, water resistance and crumbling of the final product.

Diet "Norm" is the best balancedDaily food for adults of healthy dogs from 8 months to 7 years old with normal activity, lack of food allergy and chronic diseases. In it, the manufacturer carefully balanced the content of fats and proteins, and also took into account the presence of all the necessary body minerals and vitamins.

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Sources of valuable protein in this feed isMeat and fish meal. Proteins supply the body with corn embryos. Vegetable oil adds the necessary fats, and wheat fills dry dog ​​food Normally carbohydrates, which are the basis for energy production. Also in food for dogs included yeast as a source of vegetable proteins and added the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Therefore, the feed is ideally digested and has a highEnergy value, while allowing the dog at any time to remain in excellent shape. The food is packaged in bags weighing 4, 13 and 15 kg and at a price is available to almost every dog, being a very economical way of feeding a four-legged friend.

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