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Dietary food for dogs

Among the many rulers of dry dog ​​food, many manufacturers also produce special dietary foods. They are developed for animals with certain health problems.

Dietary food for dogs - is most often the prevention of food allergies, toWhich are particularly prone to certain breeds of dogs, mostly small ones. Also dietary nutrition is often necessary for aging animals, which due to low mobility are prone to obesity. For them, manufacturers are preparing low-calorie feeds, allowing them to be saturated with the animal without buying extra pounds. About healthy nutrition read in the articles: Medicinal food for dogs, hypoallergenic food for dogs

Types of diet food for dogs

There are many types of diet food. Special diets are provided for heart failure in a pet and hypertension. In such a feed, the sodium content is reduced, but the content of L-carnitine and taurine is increased, which improves the contractile ability of the myocardium and supports the activity of myocytes.

Special types of dog food help fightDiseases of the urinary system: urolithiasis and cystitis. Dog food, in which the dose of phosphorus and protein is reduced, are useful in kidney diseases.

A full-value dietary feed is distinguished by a highThe quality of the products from which it is made. It does not use numerous additives that give the fodder the best smell and taste, retain its properties, but easily cause allergies.

Also the likelihood of allergic reactions is reducedTo a minimum, when the production of food uses rare products. Often in dietary feed, medicinal herbs and natural adsorbents are used. This gives an additional therapeutic effect without side effects

In the dietary complexes collected manyNutrients that contribute to the health of a four-legged friend. Although they are able to help not only with serious problems, but also with more modest troubles, such as the removal of an unpleasant odor from the mouth and teeth from darkening.

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