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Cheap dog food

It is unlikely that any dog ​​breeder believes thatCheap dog food can be of high quality. And knowing the prices for meat, fish and cereals, hardly anyone will believe that in the form of dog food, they can cost less than fresh products on the market.

Therefore, many understand that the food of the economy class is roulette.

Perhaps your dog's organism will perceive it normally, but one can never definitely say what kind of food can turn out in the future. Nevertheless, there are "pluses" and cheap feeds.

First and foremost, this is cheap, and the owners of large breeds know how to not just feed their pet, including natural food, which must be cooked daily.

Secondly, it's availability. Cheap feeds are sold in all supermarkets, markets and shops, unlike professional feed, which is not always found in the pet store.

This, perhaps, ends the advantages of a cheap diet for dogs.

Disadvantages of cheap dog food

The first serious shortcoming is the lowquality. Such foods are mainly composed of soy, meat-and-bone meal, offal. All this is not a full-fledged source of protein, so necessary carnivorous. Due to poor-quality products and a clear lack of necessary substances in the feed, the dog needs additional fertilizing in the form of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, in order for the animal to appearA sense of saturation when fed with such food, they need more than the more expensive, but satisfying food. Among the cheapest brands known on the Russian market, you can name: Doctor Clauders, Oscar, Four-legged Gourmet, Trapeza, Pedigri, Chappi.

It is in cheap dog food most oftenYou can detect aromatic additives, dyes and preservatives of poor quality, which do not add health to the pet. It is impossible to constantly feed the dog with such food. An animal may have dermatitis, an allergy, eczema, as a rule, digestion is disturbed.

In developed countries, such food is used only inSpecial shelters for feeding homeless animals. It is poorly digested and does not carry energy value. This "diet" is possible only as a last resort. For example, you need to leave urgently for a few days, and the person who agreed to take your dog to him, does not want to cook her natural food every day.

Then your pet can tolerate a little. But in any case, he needs to offer such food, which he already tried and did not refuse, and also showed no signs of ill health: diarrhea, rashes on the skin, teary paths near the eyes.

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