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Prices of dog food, dog food

The price of dog food Largely depends on the quality of the feed itself, that is, the products from which it is made. The more quality the products are and the more complex their processing, the more expensive the feed.

But at the same time, it does not mean that such food -Unjustifiable luxury. Expensive feed, often, is quite profitable, because to fill the necessary energy losses the body needs it less than cheap feed.

Also, the price of feed reflects the availability of specificIngredients, for example, a grade of meat used in the manufacture of feed. For example, chicken meat is cheaper than lamb meat and therefore all chicken feeds are slightly cheaper than those made with lamb.

Thus, the most expensive are super premium feed.

Approximate prices of canine feed

Below we give the average prices of online stores for dog food in 2012

For example, in the super premium class the biggestThe feed package of Hills with chicken costs 2680 rubles (12 kg), and the smallest - 282 rubles (1 kg). HILLs with lamb meat - 3009 rubles (12 kg). Food EUKANUBA with chicken - 3093 rubles (15 kg), PRO PLAN - 3117 rubles (14 kg), ORIJEN - 4048 rubles (13 kg).

Economy-class feeds are much cheaper. Thus, Chappi's feed with chicken - 912 rubles for 15 kg, and the feed "Druzhok" and at all 85 rubles for 5 kg.
Prices for premium food are in the middle category. So, the feed of this category "Our brand" is sold for 1390 rubles (15 kg).

In addition, the price depends on the size of the package. If you buy a 15-kilogram bag, then the pet's food will cost 15-20% less than if you buy the same food with test bags of 500 grams.

For example, 15 kg of Royal Canin costs 3343 rubles, and 0,5 kg - 147 rubles, which in terms of 15 kg shows a benefit of 1067 rubles.
Although for starters, it is better to buy a probe to check if this food is suitable for your dog.

Also within the feed line of one manufacturerThe price of individual products may vary significantly, depending on the purpose of the particular food. Usually, the food intended for puppies (it is also suitable for pregnant and lactating dogs) or preventative for certain diseases is more expensive. For example, ACANA for puppies costs 3358 rubles (18 kg), and for adults 3117 the same 18 kg, and for sensitive dogs without grain with lamb meat - 4106 rubles (13.5 kg).

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