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Composition of dog food Composition of dog food

The dog is a predator, the enzymes of its digestive tract are close to the animal protein, therefore the composition of dog food for it must necessarily contain meat.

This is the main source of animal protein (protein), so needed carnivorous. In addition to meat, protein is found in eggs, fish and fish meal, bone meal.

But not only meat should be present in the dietdogs. For better digestion of meat, a vegetable protein is needed, which is contained in dry brewer's yeast, wheat germ, alfalfa flour, soy products.

The source of carbohydrates in dog food, likeUsually, grains: rice, barley, wheat, oats, peas or vegetables: carrots or potatoes. Fat is not only a source of energy, but also improves the taste of food. It is better, if in the diet is used the bird's fat, instead of vegetative from a soya, corn or a safflower. Also, dietary fiber in the form of raw fiber is needed, which normalizes the digestive tract. To do this, add beetroot shavings, tomato apple squeezes, bran to the food.

What else should be the ingredients in the dog food?

Quality dog ​​food should also beInclude supplements and vitamins (for example, vitamin A, B, beta-carotene and other essential substances). The more balanced the feed, the less the dog will need additional fertilizing. Some manufacturers add herbs, which is preferable to synthetic vitamins.

The best in the market now are considered to be food for dogs of super premium class and so-called feed-holistics. They are made from products that are used in the production of food for humans.

When choosing food, you need to carefully study the label,And if it does not contain the content of meat and other products, but only indicates the composition of protein, carbohydrates, etc. It is better to abandon such food. After all, protein is not always meat. It can be contained in plant foods, but such protein is digested by animals worse.

The first on the label, as a rule, is the product, which in the feed is contained in the largest number. Hence, the best food is the one in which the meat ingredients are at the top of the list.

Unwanted components in the composition of dog food

If the dog is prone to food allergies or gastric disorders, it is better to choose food where the source of carbohydrates is not wheat, but rice. (For more information on hypoallergenic foods, see here)

Feeds should be avoided, includingThere are vague ingredients: "meat", "poultry" (and not chicken, lamb, rabbit, etc.), "fat", etc. Under these components, raw materials of poor quality are always hidden. The manufacturer of quality feed will never hide the name of the products used by him.

Also it is necessary to avoid in the composition of feedArtificial flavors, colorants, preservatives and sweeteners. The dog does not care about the color of the food, so the dyes are not needed at all. The scent of her excellent and unnecessary flavors are aimed only at the person or try to "hide" the odor unpleasant for the dog. The best preservative for food is vitamin E of natural origin.

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