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Food for dogs Purina (Purina)

Purina has been developing pet food for almost 80 years. And traditions are successfully combined with the latest scientific discoveries and achievements of laboratory research.

Food for dogs Purina (Purina) has earned popularity among dog breeders and their pets around the world.

The choice of rations "Purina" (Purina) is so wide that it can be said that this food is personally made for each dog, taking into account its individual characteristics.

A comprehensive feed program is designed forSupport the normal weight of a dog throughout her life and is called a life planning program by the company. It helps reduce the risk of diseases that are associated with weight (cardiovascular system, joints and bones), maintain normal blood pressure and the optimal blood sugar level, and, ultimately, help the dog live longer (depending on age, breed and conditions Of the environment by 14-19%).

Composition of dog food Purina

These feeds have an optimum ratio of fats andProteins to maintain muscle mass, and also strengthen the immune system of the dog with the help of vital antioxidants. Many of them are made taking into account the specific needs of dogs of different breeds.

For puppy feeding up to 12 months, there isFood for dogs Purina based on chicken and rice with a rich composition of vitamins and minerals. It helps to form correctly the immune system of the baby. There is a food for puppies with easily digestible lamb meat, which is especially suitable for a pet with sensitive digestion.

Dry food Purina for adult dogs alsoIt is made on the basis of chicken and rice meat, satisfying the most demanding tastes, especially small breeds. Although some dogs prefer food that is based on salmon meat with rice and corn. With such a diet, elderly dogs feel themselves well.

Purina offers a range of special diets forDogs with food allergies (hypoallergenic food for dogs), suffering from diabetes, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin, kidneys, digestive disorders, obesity, urolithiasis. For more information on therapeutic nutrition, see the article: Medicinal food for dogs

There is also special dietary food for adultsDogs, necessary for recovery. It replenishes nutrients lost during illness, provides energy, but all of its ingredients are easily digested. Such nutrition is well suited for feeding before and after surgery, with trauma or nutritional stresses such as malnutrition, lactation.

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