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Dog Food Trainer

The line of feed for dogs Trainer consists of more20 different products and developed by nutritionists of the Italian company Nova Foods specifically to meet the needs of absolutely any dog, regardless of their age and size.

All feeds of this line contain a high percentageSource of proteins - fresh turkey and chicken meat (more than 25%). This meat is a high-quality product, which is also used in the production of food for humans. It has a high level of nutritional and digestibility.

Beer yeast and sugar beet pulp improveIntestinal motility and the entire digestive system. They work as a real intestinal bio-controller, reducing the risk of intestinal flatulence.

Trainer feeds contain enoughThe amount of fish oil that protects the body from inflammation and maintains the health of the skin and coat. In all types of feed added trace elements in quantities necessary for the organism of dogs of different ages, especially balanced calcium and phosphorus for the proper development of muscles and bones, which is especially important for puppies.

And L-carnitine has been added to the formulas for Light and Energy feeds for active, aging and full-bodied animals, which allows you to control the accumulation of fat in your muscles.

Trainer dog food

Feature of dog food Trainer

A special highlight of Trainer's forages can be calledA special natural mixture of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. These are natural antioxidants, made from citrus fruits. Thus, this mixture protects the blood vessels and helps reduce the risk of allergies, strengthening the immune system. It also heals the oral cavity.

Special additives take care of different organsAnimal. So, for example, the Flex-Joint formula (chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate) preserves joint health. This is especially true for dogs of large and giant breeds, which are prone to joint diseases.

The formula Dental Health protects the growing teeth by controlling the formation of tartar, and the formula Oral Health slows the formation of plaque and improves the smell from the mouth of the dog.

It is also important to include a formula calledLiver clean, which helps to cleanse the liver. It includes vitamins of group B. In this case, a special mixture of natural antioxidants helps slow the aging process of cells, which is caused by free radicals. All this testifies that dry food for dogs Trainer is a worthy ration of premium class for the pet. And at a fairly affordable price.

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