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Gin Dog Foods

Gina - dog food super premium,Which are produced in the US at the factory corporation THE BLACKWOOD. This is a top-class food, that is, only high-quality fresh products are used for their preparation.

Each ingredient is selected in accordance withEstablished quality standards, which apply to human food. Only fresh products that have not been frozen are used.

Therefore, food for dogs Gina approved by the AmericanAssociation of quality control and attributed it to the class of "holistic" (full-fledged). In the production of feed, a special technological approach is applied: they are slowly processed at a lower temperature, and then enriched with probiotics.

Composition of fodder for dogs Gina

The main ingredients of the feed are easily digestible chicken, turkey, lamb or fish, high-quality vegetables and grains, including rice. Added cheese and egg to the diet.

The food for dogs Gina in the required proportionsContain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. A number of interesting ingredients were also selected for them. For example, instead of the usual salt, sea salt is used, and also ground milled liver, garlic and American herring. Some feeds contain yucca schidiger extract, milled wheat germ, flax seed, brewer's yeast, acidophilic lactic acid bacteria.

Kinds of forages of Gina (Gina)

Gina dog food

Gina has a wide range of rations, each ofWhich is designed for a certain age, physical condition and features of food tolerance of the dog. These feeds can be found for puppies, pregnant and nursing bitches, adults and elderly animals, dog food for small and large breeds, as well as feed for dogs with low active lifestyle and hypoallergenic. Also there is a professional food for the food of exhibition dogs. In it, a set of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements increases the stress resistance of the body and allows the dog to be healthy and in good shape.

Hypoallergenic dog food does not containCorn, wheat, soybeans, beef and poultry. The protein necessary for the organism of the predator is contained in the meat of ducks and catfish, and carbohydrates are saturated with potatoes and white millet. Food for puppies and nursing bitches is made on the basis of chicken and turkey meat with the addition of long-grain rice, cheese, eggs and fillets of American herring.

It is enriched with beer yeast, dried whey, milled wheat germ and beet pulp, as well as natural extract of yucca shidiger, garlic powder, flax seed.

This is a high-calorie feed and therefore, despite theHigh price, quite economical. For example, a classic balanced feed for adult dogs under 7 years in 100 grams contains almost 500 calories and for a dog weighing 35 kg per day, enough 380 grams. Of course, for old and inactive dogs, caloric content in feeds is reduced.

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