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Dog Food Dog Dog (DogChow for puppies): price, reviews

Producer of dog food Doge Chau is a Nestle corporation, which has been operating for a century and a half and is now the world's largest producer of food products.

Its branch Nestle Purina PetCare is engaged in production of dog food Dog Chow (Dog Chau). Directly canine feed is produced in Hungary. Dog Chau - refers to the premium dog food.

It is designed for basic and regular mealsActive and adult dogs, as well as puppies, and quite well meets the needs of the dog in a regular amount of vitamins and nutrients. For daily nutrition of dogs, a fodder based on turkey or chicken meat is suitable, and rice contains rice.

Also in the stern are already balanced all the necessary elements for an active and healthy life. And the dog will not need additional vitamin and mineral complexes.

Composition of the dog Dog (Chow)

The indispensable element of dog's diet is theThe presence of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which provide both an adult dog and a puppy, strong bones, good muscle tone, silky shiny hair and healthy teeth. In addition, dog dog food is provided with a special combination of natural dietary fiber: beet pulp and chicory.

Beet pulp excellently improves performanceGastrointestinal tract, and chicory due to natural probiotics, increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, and hence - improves the health of the digestive system.

Dog food Dog Chow (Dog Chow)

Another feature of these feeds isNon-uniform granules: one - large, and others - small. This is necessary so that the dog does not swallow the food and tries to chew it, thereby cleansing the teeth and developing the muscles of the jaws.

Kinds of dog food Doga Chau: for adult dogs and puppies

Dog Dow Chow has several types of products,Each of which is designed for different ages of the dog. So, a separate line is designed for toddlers (feed for puppies) and is called "Healthy Puppy". This feed contains all the necessary substances for the proper growth of muscles and bones, as well as the timely and harmonious formation of internal organs.

Choosing food for your dog, it is worth turningAttention to the content of proteins in it. So, if your dog has increased physical activity (service dog, guard dog) or a pregnant or lactating bitch, it is better to choose a food with a high percentage of protein and nutrients.

Dogs chow are packed in several versions (3Kg and 15 kg). And, if you calculate the cost of feed for 1 kg, then buy a 15 kilogram package is more profitable. In this case, the price is 1 kg. Feed is cheaper by 20-30%.


The cost of packing in 3 kg varies from 400 to 500 rubles. Packing in 15 kg is in the range from 1600 to 1750 rubles

Reviews for dog food Dog Chau

Reference number 1

We Doge Chau eat 2,5 years and everything suits us. Although his puppy fed up to a year with another, more expensive food and periodically the dog had diarrhea. And each new sack of one type of food is even different in color, although the money is taken normal.

Therefore, we switched to the Dog Chau. And saved, and at the same time the dog is happy and healthy.

Borislav, Omsk

Reference number 2

When two years ago I was given a puppy, immediatelyThe question arose - what to feed? Experienced breeders advised to immediately accustom to dry food, because French bulldogs have specific digestion, there may be an allergy and a fairly strict diet is needed. How much we bought forages!

But my dog ​​alone has refused, others haveShe was allergic, the third - a disorder. So we gradually got to Dog Chow. And here came my happiness. A dog from this forage is without a mind: everything eats, it also cleans the plate clean. Wool glitters, no allergy is noticed, digestion is excellent.

The dog looks happy and happy. I liked that the feed was designed taking into account the characteristics and ages of dogs. Also, it can be softened by pouring water, kefir or milk.

Hope, Moscow

Review №3

When I started my Matilda, first because ofIgnorance fed her poor quality food. She is not demanding in food and ate without problems. But digestion did not work very well. And the gases were fetid, and frustration is not uncommon.

Then I began to look for something more suitable andThe advice of the veterinarian went to feed Cat Chow. This food I refer to the middle class. In its structure, I am most of all confused by the preservative (in the diet for adult dogs of all breeds it certainly is) and a fairly small amount of unknown meat.

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