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Treats for dogs

A domestic pet always wants to pamper something delicious. But, remembering his health, it is better to do it on time and correctly.

Dog treats are divided into three types:

Types of goodies for dogs

  1. To reward for good behavior and as an incentiveFor further execution of commands. Delicacies are actively used in training, dragging dogs during hunting, preparing for exhibitions, etc. And, first, they give a treat and stroke to the team, then in time the dog is ready to do everything just as a "good word".
  2. For top-dressing with vitamins and minerals, which will strengthen the health of the animal, and at the same time - brush your teeth and mouth.
  3. To distract the dog, and especially the puppy from the sample to the tooth of everything that falls into his field of vision. For this approach, "sugar" bones and other goodies, which can be gnawed for a long time.

Types of goodies for dogs

Treats can be of varying degrees of severity: Semi-moist, semi-dry, pressed and completely dried. In composition, they can be protein, carbohydrate-protein or carbohydrate. They differ in size, which is due to differences in the size of dogs of different breeds.

Also, dog treats can be very differentForms: pressed from a dried skin of a bone, balls and ringlets, cookies. This is the best shape for puppies to gnaw. Older dogs will be approached with soft delicacies: sandwiches, various slices, straws and cuts from chicken and duck breasts, rabbit fillets.

For training it is convenient to take chopped pork, but better veal ears, as well as dry treats in convenient packages, which do not allow staining clothes.

Strengthen the gums and brush your teeth with a good special biscuit. It not only removes plaque and prevents the formation of tartar, but also removes the unpleasant odor from the mouth.

There are also treats for dog curative, which the veterinarian can advise for the prevention of certain diseases.

Each dog owner independently decides whichTo him to give the dog goodies - home-made or bought in a special store. Perhaps a mixed form, when the main feeding is natural, and the delicacies are purchased.

The most popular firms are manufacturers of goodies for dogs

In any case, choosing goodies in the store, it is better to give preference to a quality product, for example, brands: Pro Pak, Brit, Alpintech, EDEL DOG, 8 in 1, TiTBiT.

Too often a dog can not indulge in delicacies. A capricious dog can refuse basic meals, and greedy - to get fat. Therefore, try to ensure that "goodies" are not more than 10% of the daily diet of the dog.

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