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Flutazor dog food, price, reviews

Flatazor - a trade mark of feed forAnimal, which is produced by the French company Sopral S.A. This company became known due to active scientific work and the introduction of modern developments in products.

All food for dogs brand Flatazor are developed taking into account the index of the concentration of nutrients (I.N.P.A), Which takes into account the level of activity of the animal and the state of its health.

Feeds are made on the newest equipment, which provides optimal heat treatment of products to preserve all nutrients, and are packed in a safe packaging.

Features of dog food Flatazor

Feed Flutazor differ from other dry foodFor dogs in that they contain brewer's yeast and fructooligosaccharides, which provide the correct balance in the intestinal microflora and favorably affect the processes of nutrient breakdown.

But the most exclusive development of FlutazorRecognized Organolysates - a patented natural supplement. This is a whole biological complex, based on a balanced concentrate of essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins. It was obtained from the North Sea deep-water fish by enzymatic hydrolysis.

Dog food flutazorOrganolysates improve the process of digestion andIncrease the resistance of the liver to pathological effects. They stimulate vitality and activate the natural protective functions of the body. In this case, they are preserved not only in dry, but also in brewed feed.

Organolysates are 80% composed of immunoactiveProteins of peptides that prolong the animal's active life due to its involvement in many biological functions: cardiovascular, nervous, sexual systems and so on.

Another exclusive innovation of the brand Flatazor -Separate rations for adult females and males over the age of 7 who take into account and solve age-related problems that differ due to a certain gender of the animal.

In addition, like many feeds, Flatazor has separate balanced diets for puppies and nursing bitches, for adult healthy dogs and a special nutritious food for active dogs.

The correct balance of nutrients in the feedProvides the presence in it of meat, cereals, fish, animals, fish and vegetable derivatives, starch, an extract of vegetable protein oil and fats. This is the standard composition, included in all diets, but unlike the age of the dog and its activity, the ingredients and vitamin-mineral supplements differ.


The cost of Flutazor depends on the size of the package andFeatures of the diet. A bag of 20 kg feed costs about 5400 rubles. A bag of 15 kg can cost from 3500 to 4100 rubles. The food, packed in bags of 12 kg on average, is sold at a price of 3,400 rubles.

Also there are small packages of 2 kg (price 700-800 rubles) and 3 kg (price 900-1000 rubles).

Reviews for dog food Flatazor (Flatazor)

Reference number 1

To my little Pekingese, I'm on the advice of a friendThe cynologist chose Flatazor (France). First of all I liked the composition of the feed, which I studied on the official website. I can safely analyze, because there is something to compare.

My neighbor took my dog's brother and feeds herFrom his desk. So my dog ​​has a shiny, healthy coat, a properly growing skeleton, healthy, not crooked teeth, clean eyes. And the food is not so dry, it's kind of damp. Not allergic, but Pekingese are capricious in this sense. Very tasty smells. Gave him since two months.

What else is right is its magnitude. Small food and Pekingese it is convenient to eat. In addition to food, I give the puppy vegetables (likes tomatoes and greens) and fruits (a slice of carrots boiled, apples, pears).

Alina, Moscow

Reference number 2

As for me, so great forage. Maybe only because it is not very well-known in Russia and there are not many fakes. Although it has been on the market for more than 10 years. For our dogs (Cane Corso, Rottweiler) and we tried many feeds, including super premium class.

Ideal for them was Flutazor, as inRation, and the ratio of "price-quality." We chose the line for dogs of large breeds, which includes the necessary microelements and minerals for the joints.

Ivan, Novosibirsk

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