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Dog food Belcando, Belcanto, Belkando: price, reviews

Dog food Belcando (Belcanto) refers to super premium foods, because it consists only of natural ingredients of high quality.

Products for the production of these feeds are grown on German farms and are treated sparingly in order to maximize the preservation of all nutrients.

In addition, in the production of this dog foodLow-quality raw materials and any soy and by-products, dyes, preservatives, flavorings and genetically modified products are not used. And as essential antioxidants, rosemary oil and vitamin E are used.

Among the undeniable advantages of these feeds: The content of animal protein in them is more than 80%, due to which the food is perfectly digested and absorbed, and for satisfying the animal a low daily rate is needed.

Types of dog food Belcando, (Belcanto)

Food for dogs Belcando (Belcanto), likeMany super premium products have several species designed for dogs of different ages, breeds, lifestyle characteristics and a tendency to certain diseases.

For example, for puppies Belcando produces two typesstern. One is more versatile, for all breeds. It is balanced by a mixture of vitamins and minerals necessary for proper development and helps painlessly transfer the puppy from mother's milk to dry food. About feeds for puppies read more in the article: Feed for puppies

The other is for puppies of large breeds of dogs, who need a significant amount of meat (more than 70%) for a rapidly growing dog organism.

Dog food Belcanto

There is Belcanto feed for active breeds of dogs with the optimal content of energy and protein, amino acids and easily digestible fats. It also contains an extract of yucca, which helps to combat unpleasant odors and grape seeds, which protect the cells of the body from inflammation.

But for dogs with a particularly high activity, a special Belcando High Energy food with a significant amount of meat (more than 80%) and flaxseed seeds (source of Omega-3 fatty acids) is designed.

Elderly dogs or suffering from allergies,Obesity or diseases of the digestive system recommended special digestible food with lamb, oats and rice - products that do not cause allergies and irritation.

In all Belcando for thick and shiny hair and skin health flaxseed, yeast, linoleic acid, lecithin are added.

Such feeds provide the dog with all the substances that are necessary for its body and fully take care of the pet for many years.


The cost of a package weighing 1 kg varies from 250Up to 300 rubles. If you are going to buy food in a pack weighing 15 kg, then be ready to pay for it from 3000 to 3200 rubles. Packing 5 kg will cost from 1250 to 1400 rubles.

Reviews for dog food Belcando (Belcando)

Reference number 1

The problem of choosing food for your favorite dog beforeAll are very acute. There are a lot of ads, but also a lot of negative reviews, and even generally warnings and horrible stories. I also very long picked up dry food. And once I came to the warehouse where the nurseries are purchased and it was there that I was recommended to try the dry food "Belcando".

The fact is that my dog ​​is just dry food neverdid not eat. I add preserves to it. Nevertheless, after a couple of weeks, I definitely noticed that there was no dandruff in the dog, the coat was shiny, the physiological departures were normal.

It is also convenient that there is a very large lineFeeds with a variety of tastes, including for fastidious dogs. I know the cane Cane Corso, where all dogs eat "Belcando" and this feed satisfies their requests for energy and strengthening of bones and muscle mass.

Ruslana, Samara

Reference number 2

I have been for several years my East EuropeanThe sheepdog fed only Purina, buying it in bags of 20 kg. However, recently there prices have changed very much and I had to think about other feeds.

I began to ask dog breeders and I was offeredTry a new food for me Belkando. The first thing I did was transfer the puppy of the Great Dane and the Shepherd Dog Roy to this feed and to this day fed about six bags of club Belkando. In my opinion, the dogs did not notice the difference between the old food and the new one. Dogs are active and their hair glitters.

Roman, Moscow

Review №3

I was given a golden retriever and warned thatThey are very finicky and can be allergic to food. With natural food, a lot of fuss, but dry food so much! I began to study the composition of the feed and read the reviews and I liked Belkando's food. And his composition is excellent.

True, it is not always easy to get in the store,You have to order via the Internet. However, from the beginning the puppy ate reluctantly, and then rasproboval and already eating with pleasure. The mood is wonderful, the wool has ceased to fall out, the toilet goes once a day, is saturated well.

Pasha, Tyumen

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