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Dry food for adult dogs

Dry food for adult dogs should be selected taking into account various factors.

Experts say that the level of feeding of an adult dog is supportive. Its task is to maintain a healthy level without overfeeding the dog and not causing the risk of obesity.

An adult dog is considered to be 10-12 months of age. But this does not mean that in one day you need to change food. The transition should take place during the week, gradually mixing the new food with the old one.

It is not recommended to experiment withDifferent types of feed. It will only hurt the dog. As soon as the most suitable variant of feeding of an animal is found, it is necessary to use this product for feeding constantly.

Only in this case in the dog's bodyThe enzyme system is tuned for better assimilation of the nutrients that are contained in this feed. The dog's chair will be stable, which means that the owner will be able to notice the development of infectious diseases that change the character of the chair in a timely manner.

How to choose dry food for adult dogs?

When choosing dry food for adult dogsThe most important role is played by the activity of the dog. Most feed manufacturers take this into account and produce several kinds of dry food for adult dogs. This is a food for dogs with normal activity, with high activity, low mobility and prone to obesity, and also prone to allergies.

Dry food for adult dogs

Dog food with normal activityThe most balanced with regard to the rhythm of life and the usual loads of the urban dog. Of the known brands such feeds are produced by Hill's, Eukanuba, Purina, Royal Canin, Pro Plan, Pro Pac, Nutro, Eagle Pack and many others.

Feeds for adult dogs with increased activity, for example, service, working, hunting, are characterized by a high content of nutrients that provide additional energy.

The richness of proteins and amino acids in such foodProvides high digestibility of proteins, mannanooligosaccharides maintain excellent digestive tract performance, and from premature wear, the body is protected by a high content of vitamin E. Such foods are produced by the brands Hill's, Purina, Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Pro Pac.

Aging and obese dogs are betterTo offer digestible food, enriched with organic selenium and fatty acids to slow the aging process. Such feeds are produced by Hill's, Eukanuba, Royal Canin and others.

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