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Forage for dogs, orijen, reviews

Dog food for Orijen is produced by the Canadian company Champion.

The peculiarity of this dog food in itsHigh-protein and low-carbohydrate diets, which is preferred for feeding predators. In the composition of the feed of this brand there are no grains, and it is made from fresh: cape, fish, vegetables and fruits with the addition of Canadian meadow grasses.

This food with a sensationally high content of meat - up to 70 percent!

The composition of dog food for Oriigen includes threeA group of products that make the diet varied and maximally healthy. So, the source of proteins in the feed is fresh chicken meat, turkeys, whole eggs, lake fish (salmon, whitefish, trout, burbot, pike perch) and ocean herring.

Instead of cereals as plant supplementsSeaweed, potatoes, sweet potato, sunflower, apples, black currant, cranberries are used. Specially selected phyto-components supplement the formula of healthy nutrition. These are the ground roots of dandelion and chicory, leaves of medicinal fennel, mint, chamomile, calendula, turmeric and plantain.

How the dog food is made Orijen

Technology of production of dog food OrigenAllows to keep in it a maximum of useful substances. Fresh meat and fish are imported to the manufacturer's factory in small batches every day. It is immediately processed, not frozen and passing the intermediate processing into meat-and-bone meal.

Thus, the biological valueProducts and their natural taste is preserved, and the dog receives the nutrition necessary to normalize the digestive system, the correct development of the musculoskeletal system and the improvement of metabolic processes.

Dog food Orijen

To exclude the overabundance of calcium, whichMakes bones brittle, meat forage is cleaned from bones and not exposed to preservatives. Also, unlike most cheap dry dog ​​food, which are cooked in the oven at a temperature of 110-130 degrees, Origen's food is treated at a temperature of 90 degrees for only 3-5 minutes.

Thus, the manufacturer manages to preserve from destruction many useful amino acids.
The company produces several types of feed,Calculated for different breeds and age of dogs. In particular, the puppy prepares the Orijen Puppy, which takes into account the needs of the growing body of the dog. For more information on puppy feeds, see: Puppy Feed

Dog food for orijen (orijen) reviews

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Here's what they write:

Feedback on dog food Orijen №1

- For the first time I tried to feed my FrenchBulldog dog food for Orgyzhen, when he read reviews of people who are professionally breeding dogs in nurseries. Although my favorite is and not with such pleasure as Royal Cane, but from the last digestion of the dog was not very. I do not intend to use any food other than Origen.

Feedback on dog food Orijen №2

- But I do not have very good impressions fromOf this feed. My dog ​​is Dalmatian, very active, but he has digestive problems. We tried different feeds, including dry food Orijen. In this feed, there was an extremely large amount of protein. After its use, after a week and a half, a whole bunch of problems emerged: incessant gurgling in the abdomen, flatulence, diarrhea.

The dog began to lose weight. Nevertheless, the wool was in excellent condition. The dog ate Orien without any pleasure. After going to the veterinarian, we were told that the feed had too much protein, which had a negative effect on the liver. When we replaced Orgyon with another food of the same class, but with less protein, then all the problems evaporated.

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