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Canned food for dogs

Unlike dry food, canned food for dogs is more easily absorbed by the body and digested. Also, their taste is higher and their dogs are very fond of them.

And if in the case of switching from a natural dietOn dry food, the dog should be gradually trained for several weeks, then it goes instantly to canned food, immediately getting used to a new diet.

Canned food for dogs is more caloric due toAn increased amount of fat and approximately 75% consist of water. Their cost is also higher than the dry feed. They can have the form of cubes, remind stuffing or stew.

Canned dog food can be of two types: intended for regular daily rations and delicacies.
Canned food for dogs of the usual diet are made from muscle tissues of animals, also they consist of cereals and soy. In composition, they are more valuable than delicacies and cheaper.

The composition of meat delicacy food includesA large number of offal and extruded soy. This soya is tinted brown to simulate the liver or meat. This food is very tasty and therefore, with its frequent use by the dog, a steady addiction quickly appears to it.

Canned food for dogs

By composition delicatessen meat food for dogsAre inferior, they are disturbed by the balance of minerals and lack of nutrients. Therefore, with constant feeding with such canned foods, skeletal diseases can occur. That is, delicacies are intended only for the rare promotion of a dog.

Advantages of canned food for dogs

Unlike dry food, canned food for dogsIt is better to take them on the road: they do not need to be washed down with a lot of water and they do not cause gassing in dogs. And at exhibitions it is more convenient to feed a canned dog.

In diseases of the kidney and other diseases, whenIt is necessary to take care of the prevention of dehydration of the dog's organism, it is better for the animal to be fed not with dry dog ​​food, but with canned food. A capricious dog who does not want to eat dry food, you can suggest it with a sauce of tastier preserves of the same producer.

When choosing a feed, you need to consider the needs of the dog in energy, its breed and age. All large producers of canine feed consider these features of animals.

Also there are canned medicines for dogs,Intended for the treatment of obesity and diabetes, as well as for the prevention of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and liver diseases. But such a diet should appoint a veterinarian.

The most famous producers of canned food for dogs are the superpremium class - Belcando, Hills, Eukanuba, Animonda.

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