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Dog food for small breeds

Food for small breeds has its own characteristics.

All producers of dog food tryProduce a wide range of products designed for a variety of breeds. This is due to the peculiarities of the development of dogs of different weight categories and their predisposition to certain diseases.

Small breeds of dogs are distinguished by a high nervousExcitability, predisposition to dislocations of the patella, necrosis of the head of the femur, not loss of milk teeth and the formation of tartar. They rarely receive craniocerebral trauma and limb injuries, falling from a small height and falling under their feet. Some breeds often have skin diseases. The marked dogs are often castrated, and, as a result, they gain weight.

In special food for dogs of small breeds, theseFeatures are taken into account. Also, feed manufacturers know that small dogs have greater heat loss, they lose a lot of energy not only during the game, but even during the digestion of food. Therefore, their food should be enriched with vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids and amino acids and at the same time it is easy to digest.

What should be the composition of food for small dogs?

Correct food for small breeds of dogs forMaintaining high energy should have linoleic acid and B vitamins. For good digestibility, such a feed contains the optimal amount of proteins and fats. Often, the main source of animal protein is lamb meat, which has hypoallergenic properties.

Special series of medicinal food for dogs(For example, the company Hill's) are designed for the diet of small dogs with oral diseases, problematic skin, a tendency to excess weight, food allergies.

To prevent the formation of tartar and strengthen the gums, you can pick up individual solid dainties to encourage the dog.

Small breeds have one more feature - theyAre prone to strong addiction to certain foods and are particularly fastidious in choosing food. Therefore, it is important that the dog from the early childhood was accustomed only to useful food. In addition, producers for these breeds take care of the high palatability of the feed.

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