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Dog food for feed, Pronature 21, 22, 26, 28, reviews

Dry dog ​​food PronatureThe Canadian company PLB International has been producing since 1969. Products for this are used only grown in Canada - one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world with the most demanding veterinary service.

Dog food refers to feed forPremium dogs and is made of high quality natural ingredients, and is also enriched with a unique mixture of berries, vegetables and extracts of medicinal herbs. At the same time soya, artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives are excluded from the composition.

The feed line is quite diverse and includesSeparate menus for puppies of different breeds of dogs, as well as universal infant food without inclusion of wheat and corn or on the basis of lamb meat. For adult dogs of different breeds and with different food preferences, several types of menus are produced, and for the elderly and inactive animals, the feed contains the minimum necessary calorie content.

Each pack with dry dog ​​foodPronature has a special marking with graphic symbols that help to easily navigate in these feeds. These pictograms denote specific ingredients of feed intended for a particular use.

Thus, the content in the dog food of the prebiotic fromThe combination of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) maintains a healthy microflora in the intestine of the animal. Glucosamine ensures the health of cartilage and joints. Lecithin improves the skin, and the coat makes it silky and shiny.

The pictogram with cranberry informs that this feed prevents the development of urinary tract infections and increases the body's resistance to diseases, due to the saturation with vitamin C.

Flaxseed provides the animal's body with Omega-3 fatty acids, which prolong life, strengthening the immune system.

Rosemary improves digestion and cleanses the liver of toxic substances.
The presence of spinach in the feed indicatesStrengthening of cardiovascular and immune systems, the presence of flax seed in the menu prevents constipation and improves intestinal microflora, and alfalfa improves blood coagulability, cleanses the body and prevents the development of rheumatism.

ProNature 26 dry food for dogs of large breeds of dogs 350 g.

With such ingredients, the Forage Protease is not only a tasty but also a useful product and is often used as a therapeutic dog food

Stamps of dog food Pronature: Pronature 21, Pronature 22, Pronature 26, Pronature 28

  • Forage Pronature 21 It is intended for adult animals that are smallMove or for older dogs. It reduces the concentration of protein and fats, so that the food has a beneficial effect on weight loss, in addition it will be useful for older dogs. Despite the above parameters, the concentration in the diet of vitamins and trace elements is at an optimal level
  • Pronature 22 It is intended for adult dogs of any breed withMeat of lamb and rice. This brand of food is also recommended for dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, and will be useful to dogs who have an allergy, because this composition contains hypoallergenic components.
  • Dog food of premium class Pronature 26 Produced for adult dogs, there areVarieties for different ages, breeds and size of the animal, this standard, not today the most popular product, is suitable for most dogs of different sizes and different breeds. Usually, the main component in it is the chicken
  • Dry dog ​​food Pronature 28 Is intended for puppies (there are varieties forAny breed and the size of the puppy). Food for dogs of this species is a superbly made complex food. The manufacturer guarantees the health of your four-footed friend throughout his carefree life.

Dog Foods Pronature (Pronature) reviews

Some visitors to our portal have left their comments on dog food Pronature. Here are some of them:

  1. I have two dogs breed Bullmastiff 5 and 10 years old. All our lives we feed on Pronature. No problems were noted.
  2. I buy forage for 26 adult dogs alreadyMore than 5 years. After the dog (the golden retriever) completely disappeared allergy, they decided not to experiment with food any more and stick to only one brand - Pronature. It is much more profitable to buy food in 20 kilogram bags. The price is for 1 kg. In this case it turns out to be optimal. Braced for the price of a package of 20 kg. About 1800 rubles.

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