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Proplan dog food, dog food Pro Plan, reviews, pro plan

Dog food Proplan Pro Plan producesPurina, which believes that the dog feeding program should be designed for life and its main task is to maintain the normal weight of the animal.

This philosophy of feeding helps to prolong lifeDogs at 14-19% (depending on the breed and environmental conditions). This is associated with a decrease in the incidence of weight loss: normalization of the pulse and blood pressure, maintaining the optimal level of sugar in the blood and reducing the load on the joints.

Everyday Dog Food Pro Plan (Pro Plan)Super-premium class is produced in the factories of France and Italy. It is based on high-quality meat of chicken, lamb or salmon, which are an excellent source of protein. An additional component is rice, as a source of carbohydrates, giving a feeling of saturation and supplying the body with energy.

Thus, with the optimal ratio of proteinsAnd fats, dog food for the plan supports muscle mass, but does not allow the emergence of excess weight. A combination of vitally important vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants strengthens canine immunity.

Dog food Proplan offers selected speciesFeeds that are able to meet the specific needs of different breeds of dogs. Also there are foods intended for different ages (puppies, adults and aging dogs) and with different physiological state of the animal (increased activity, post-operative recovery).

There is also a special food that is used for a therapeutic diet, for example, with food allergies or obesity.

A separate diet Pro Plan recommendsSterilized and neutered animals. It includes well-digestible ingredients, vitamins C and E, fatty acids and minerals that do not allow the animal to gain excess weight, and also reduce the risk of developing urolithiasis.

Dog food Proplan, reviews

We asked visitors to our site to leave their feedback on dog food Proplan. Here are some of these reviews:

Reference number 1

- My dog ​​has a problem since childhoodGastrointestinal tract. Vet the doctor recommended to try to give food for dogs About the plan, first for puppies, and then for adults. Excellent dry dog ​​food. My Aivar feels fine, digestive problems are in the past, the feed consumption is not very big (I have a German shepherd), hair, teeth in fine form, the dog is hilarious and full of energy. We usually buy food in 20 kilogram packages. In this case, the price for 1 kilogram is much cheaper

Irina, St. Petersburg

Feedback on dry forage Proplan number 2:

- We use dog food for more than a year. For dogs of allergies - it is generally irreplaceable. I used to feed different brands and it turned out that smoking is a powerful allergen. In this regard, dog food Pro Plan has proved to be the best. Dog looks much better, eyes no longer flow, dandruff disappeared, hair does not climb. The food has a very pleasant smell and it does not spoil in the open. I would note only one drawback - food can not always be bought in our stores, there are interruptions

Igor, Novosibirsk

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