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Acana dog food (Acana), reviews

Acana dog food (Acana) is produced by the Canadian company Champion Petfoods since 1975.

All the food of this company is distinguished by its highQuality and natural ingredients. In addition to cereal products, the composition includes real meat, chicken and fish products, as well as fresh eggs, cranberries and apples. All dog food for Acana (Acana) is steamed at a relatively low temperature (90 ° C). In its work this company is guided by 5 main principles of healthy nutrition for animals:

  • The products used in the production of dry dog ​​food are fresh and vary in variety, because dogs in nature only consume such ingredients;
  • In dry food for dogs of Acana (Acana) contains a huge amount of proteins that replace the animals with all kinds of meat, used in wild conditions;
  • At development, growth and the further life of dogs notRequire carbohydrates, which, of course, should be taken into account by pet food manufacturers. Carbohydrates, splitting into glucose, cause obesity, diabetes, disruption of the heart;
  • In the production of its products the companyAdheres to the principle - not less than 20% of natural vegetables and fruits in each feed. Feeding on dry food for dogs of Acana (Acana), animals consume a full complement of useful substances for a long and healthy life: fiber, minerals, vitamins. In the dog food, algae, apples, currants, alfalfa, sunflower, potatoes are added;
  • All sources of useful and nutrient substances -Vegetable, after all cats and dogs, having appeared on the nature, there and then are accepted grass, useful to an organism. This happens at the level of instinct, and Acana took this into account when developing feeds. In the process of preparation, psyllium, chicory, nettle, milk thistle, burdock, sea buckthorn, peppermint, and marigold flowers are added. Each of these ingredients has a positive effect on the individual organ.

Super premium dog food for Acana (Acana)

    Types of food for dogs of Acana (Acana)

    The products include several types of feed for different ages and weight classes of dogs.

    For puppies of different breeds:

    • Puppy Small Breed - specially created line of feed for dogs of small breeds, (adult dog weighs up to 9 kg);
    • Puppy & Junior is a dog food with a high content of meat (60%), fruits, vegetables, rice and oats (40%). Designed for dogs, whose adult weight varies from 9 to 25 kg;
    • Puppy Large Breed - for puppies of large breeds (from 25 kg). Rich in protein for a better build up of muscle mass. Carbohydrates are absent in the finished product in order to avoid obesity.
    • Food for pets of all breeds, combined formula; 2. This species combines food for adult dogs of various weight categories:
    • Hypoallergenic diet for sensitive dogs;
    • A dish for small pets whose weight does not exceed 9 kg;
    • Feed for active life, a lot of energy and good mood;
    • Special balanced food for large breeds of dogs;
    • Nutrition for weight loss and regulation of metabolism;
    • Food for dogs "at the age of".

    Reviews of dog food for Acana (Acana)

    We asked visitors to our site to leave feedback on the feed for dogs of Akana. I must say that so far we have not had any negative feedback. Here are some of these reviews:

    Reviews of dog food for Acana (Acana)

    - Hello. I want to share my impressions about the premium food for Akan's dogs. I have two dogs in my house. Puppy Pomeranian and adult dachshund. Feedback on the feed is only positive. The baby is growing cheerful, the fur is glistening. Some of its natural products cause allergies, but with Akan's food no problems are observed. Takese gave different dry food for dogs, but not everything went smoothly. Some food was allergic, faded hair, skin began to peel off, there was an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Already for a year I use dry food of Akane and is very happy. Change to another is not going to.

    - Feedback on the feed for dogs of Akan from the cane Cane Corso Baron. Our little friends are very picky about food,But they fell in love with Acana from the first day. It's great that there is a special food for dogs of Akana for puppies of large breeds. It is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which is extremely important for the locomotor system of such large breeds of dogs.

    If you used this food, leavePlease rate your opinion about the feed of Akana (Akana), going to the section: "Add a comment." Thus you will help to make the right choice for visitors of our site.

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