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Kurzhaar breed description, training and training of puppies, photo

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Learn about the temperament, standard and characteristics of Kurtzhaar. See what he likes, his description, character traits, molting and behavior. Take a look at the Kurzhaara photo.


Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Protective properties
The size
Attitudes towards children
Kurzhaar is a comprehensive athlete. After all, you rarely see a retriever making a rack, and the pointer could swim, but the kurtshaar can perform any work, demonstrating energy and grace.</ P>

He knows how to hunt a bird, a fur-bearing animal, even a deer-and that's not all.

Kurzhaar is suitable for any service. Kurzhaar was created as a pointer and a retriever simultaneously. It will bring any floating object. He has a waterproof suit for such work. The wool is almost as duck feathers. But it still requires an elegant stance.

In the breed, the ability to move to a fixed stand is almost without training. The dog at the model stand should not move at all.

When kurtshaar immigrated to America, he was not accepted immediately. Americans believed that it was too slow and the hounds were much better, besides, in America, special dogs are more used.

In America, they prefer a rich brownColor or a combination of brown and white. In Germany black color or black and white is allowed. If you want a dog of this breed here is a list of the merits of the Kurzhaar or German smooth-haired pointer:

Kurzhaar is always energetic. It's like a clockwork. But carefully, he can eat you a sofa. Being faithful and obedient, kurtshaar can be too fussy for your children. The kurtshaar have good watchdog qualities. He's not biting, but he'll be barking.

High energy and versatility makes kurtshaara special among all breeds.

These dogs can do anything. They can pull sledges, they are allowed on the trail, taken on a hunt, used as a gunner. The Pointer, from which the kurtshaar originated, have been known since the time of ancient Egypt. Kurzhaar was bred in the 19th century. They were displayed as a universal game hunter. We must understand that such universality was achieved by great selection work. To develop kurtshaara, many different breeds were used. Presumably, the basis of the Kurzhaar was laid by Spanish and English pointer, Dalmatian, Weimar, German hunting hounds and German vyzhly. Crossing was conducted not on the basis of the exterior, but on the basis of working characteristics.

In color, kurtshaars can differ, as well asAnd by ability. Not sure what color your pet is, then look at the nose - he should say what color he is. The dark chestnut nose is brown, the black has a black nose. The name "pointer" translates as suggestive (the second name is kurtzhaar - the German smooth-haired pointer).

In the counter, the kurtshaar lowers his head low,Glares at the victim, raises his paw, straightens his tail and looks like an arrow. All kurtshaaras instinctively accept such a stance. You can see how a 2 month old kurtzhaar puppy, finding a pen, will chase him, stop and take a stand. Bred for hunting waterfowl, kurtzhaars have a short water-repellent coat, which allows them to maintain body temperature. They have membranes between the fingers, which is good for swimming. The paws themselves are collected in a compact spoon, which prevents them from clogging. A strong, like nails claws make the dog all-passable. Kurtzhaaram is subject to the terrestrial, water and air elements.

Care for Kurzhaar

Kurzhaar is suitable for any climate, but they need good loads and room for movement. They like to be in society, but in socializing with children, they need supervision.

Kurzhaar is a wonderful pet because he likes to be in company with people.

Kurzhaar is not very suitable for families with young children. Being very agile, they can inadvertently knock the child off their feet.

Unlike other sports breeds of dogs kurtshaar rarely suffers from femoral dysplasia and joint diseases.

Kurzhaar is one of the super breeds. They are designed for canine sports. These unique athletes are able to run, run and run. Kurzhaar was created for jumping. They are very slender, which allows you to minimize the load on the joints. All their strength comes from the hind legs, allowing you to jump up.

The size

Growth at the withers of the cable is 59-64 centimeters, bitches are 53-58 centimeters

The weight of the cable is 25-32 kilograms, females 20-27 kilograms


Kurzhaar (German smooth-haired pointer) is a very dynamic and dynamic dog that needs regular exercises.

It is a myth that the mobile breeds of dogs are difficult to train. These dogs just need stimulation. She likes to work with a person.


Their water-repellent coat is also not dirty. This breed requires minimal maintenance. From time to time they must be combed out, otherwise kurtshaar loses its strut and obedience.


Appearance can be deceptive, they strongly shed wool. Because it is short it is not so easy to clean.


Kurtzhaar lives long enough for dog standards without any health problems. The average life expectancy kurtshaara 13-15 years. They rarely reach the age of 16-18.

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