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Food for dogs Hills, reviews

Dog food Hills (Hills) produces the eponymous American company-manufacturer of dry dog ​​food.

The company has been on the market for more than 50 years, itsThe scientific and technological center for the development of dog food is located in Topeka (Kansas, USA), where veterinarians, physiologists, nutritionists work, and innovative technologies are being introduced.

The history of Hills begins with the inventionVeterinarian Mark Morris, who was the first to apply therapeutic nutrition. In 1939, a guide dog was delivered to the doctor with chronic renal failure. This incurable disease, which significantly reduces the life of the animal. The doctor developed a diet for the dog with a reduced protein content and extended the life of the dog twice.

Inspired by this result, Morris becameTo develop diets for other diseases. So there was a special food for dogs, and by 1948 the doctor organized a company for the production of therapeutic nutrition for animals.

Now the company is the world leader in productionHigh-quality dry food for dogs not only therapeutic, but also for healthy dogs and puppies. A feature of dry food for dogs Hills (Hills) in its balance and full compliance with the needs of the dog.

Dog food brand Hills (Hills) super premiumClass is divided into three main areas: for daily feeding, for nutrition of healthy animals with special needs and for a series of medicinal forages.
Food for dogs Hills Science Plan

Dry dog ​​food series Science PlanIs intended for a healthy animal. In its production, only the easily digestible ingredients of the highest quality are used: chicken, turkey or lamb, corn, wheat or rice, as well as salmon meal, whole egg, flaxseed, vegetable oil.

In addition, all Hills feed contains fattyAcids, which maintain in perfect condition the coat and skin of pets. The optimal balance of phosphorus and calcium contributes to the normal development of bones and teeth, and the protein maintains the musculature in the right form. Also, the food is enriched with taurine, an amino acid that normalizes metabolic processes.

It was the company Hill's first proposed a differentFeed for different ages of the animal. Indeed, in the growing organism of the puppy, special needs for food and feed should help in the proper formation of muscles and skeleton. In the diet for the adult dog, its activity is taken into account, and the feed for the elderly animals takes into account the tendency to obesity and less mobility.

The Science Plan Special Care series forDaily nutrition of healthy animals with special needs is designed for dogs with problem skin, diseases of the oral cavity, a sensitive stomach, a tendency to excess weight.

A series of therapeutic dog food Prescription DietIt is intended for feeding animals with chronic diseases. These are diets for dogs prone to food allergies, with itching dermatitis, chronic colitis, gastroenteritis or otitis. Special feeds are designed for weakened puppies left without mother early.

Thus, feeding a medicinal productThe company Hills will strengthen the therapy prescribed by the veterinarian, and accelerate the recovery of the pet, or carry out prevention and avoid exacerbations of chronic diseases.

Dog food Hills (Hills) reviews

We asked visitors to our site to send their feedback on the food for dogs Hills. We publish some of them:

Feedback on dog food Hills №1 (Vera, Moscow)

I have a Yorkshire terrier. We eat HILL`S Adult Chiken mini. He simply adores him. No problems were noted. Once bought the Royal Cane. So he even sniffed, not to mention trying

Feedback on dog food Hills №2 (Alexander, St. Petersburg)

First gave his Alfa (German Shepherd)ProPlan, but there were constipations from time to time, but when going to Hills, the bowel work normalized and even shed less. It's possible that it's individual, but Hills suits us perfectly.

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