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Dog food super premium: price, reviews

Dog food super premium class - this is a real professional food.

The peculiarity of its composition is that it includesNot just high-quality components, but all their proportions are carefully metered. Also in the super premium class dog food, not only the quality and quantity of protein, but also the amino acid composition is taken into account.

Dog food super premium

Usually one series of such feed is presented inA large assortment of different rations, designed for the uniqueness of the breeds of dogs, their age, physiological condition, propensities to certain diseases, etc. For this super premium food contains special additives.

For production Dog food super premium Have their own standards. Firstly, it is a part in the stern of meat, as the main component of the ration of a predator. And in the super premium fodder of meat should be at least 40%.

Also in such a feed, the presence ofPreservatives and artificial additives, as well as soy, which is not digested by the dog's body. All of its ingredients are made from fresh and natural products: meat, vegetables, grains, fruits, herbs. Thus, the dog in pure form receives protein, fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates.

The most famous companies are manufacturers of dog food super premium

Several manufacturers are recognized in the world, whose dry feeds belong to the super premium class. This is Royal Canin, Hill's, Orijen, "Mera Dog" and others.

In their own laboratories of these companies, the best specialists develop truly unique formulas for dog food.

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  • Dog food from the company Royal Canin (royal)Cousin) of French origin. The formulas for feeding this food are calculated for all periods of the animal's life. There are feeds for puppies, pregnant and lactating dogs, different breeds and lifestyle.
  • The dog's food for Hill's (Hills) is produced in the USA. His diets are designed for daily feeding, as well as for healthy dogs with special needs.
  • "Mera Dog" - dry food for dogs from the leaderGerman manufacturer with 60 years of experience in producing the best dog food. Based on the latest scientific developments, the manufacturer puts the emphasis on protecting the pet from adverse environmental factors through a balanced diet.
  • Canadian Forage Orijen - representative of the newDirections of feed for dogs of super-premium class. In its production, low-temperature processing methods (90 degrees C) are used for steaming, which preserve the taste and natural usefulness of the products.


Dog food super premium class is sold in different packages and the price depends on the size of the package - the more, the more profitable. On average, such a food can be bought from 210 to 480 rubles per kilogram.

Reviews for super premium food

Reference number 1

We tried several feeds. But despite the fact that they are all super premium class, you need to select each of your dogs. For example, Akana did not fit us: the chair was not formed and there were persistent gases with an unpleasant odor.

Unfortunately, in our city there is not much choice inAssortment. I could only choose between Royal Kanin and ProPlan. As a result, I chose dog food ProPlan because it does not contain artificial preservatives. At least so says the manufacturer.

And she did not regret it. Digestion in dogs was normal and the gases stopped completely. And dogs eat with great appetite. Especially if you sprinkle water. My fastidious girl gained weight and stopped periodically spewing food. The coat glitters and shows that it is in excellent condition.

Alina, Krasnoyarsk

Reference number 2

Egor My dog ​​developed a powerful allergy tofeed. We tried a lot of things and did not help. And if suddenly there was no allergy, so the dog simply refused to eat any food. Finally, the veterinarian prescribed us the most hypoallergenic dog food - Canida with salmon.

And so we found the perfect food for ourThe pet. Now we buy this food with 18 kg bags. But it is very important not to run into a fake. Therefore, it is better to order the breeders from the manufacturer. Then they even bring him home.

Egor, Moscow

Review №3

What I like in super premium foods,So this is that they come in a variety of varieties. There is something to choose from even the most fastidious pet. We buy our Royal Yorkshire terrier Royal Caning for small breeds for sensitive skin.

And here's a special York dog food with timeThere is refused. Perhaps because they began to sell fake Chinese food. He has granules of a completely different size and my plywood refuses to eat it.

Oleg, Novosibirsk

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