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Where to buy dog ​​food

For dog owners, the question of which food to choose for their pets is always relevant. But no less important is the choice of a place where to buy dog ​​food.

The most popular places to buy dog ​​food are:

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  • pet Shop;
  • Online store;
  • market;
  • Nurseries;
  • Manufacturing companies;
  • Distributor companies;
  • Ordinary stores for people.

Let's consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each place of purchase of food.

1. Pet Shops

Where to buy dog ​​foodThe traditional, simplest and most understandable placePurchases for shoppers are pet stores. Advantages of this place of purchase of dog food are obvious: almost everyone can go to the store, it is not necessary to have access to the Internet and to be able to use a computer.

Traditionally, pet shops are more trusted: This is a specific place with a legal address and owner, to which, if necessary, you can make a claim. It is also important that all the goods can be carefully checked and studied before buying. That is, there are cases when you get dry food in a damaged package, with any marriage or peresortom.

The plus is the availability of the store: If the dog ran out of food, you can always buy it and do not wait for the delivery of the goods, forcing your pet to starve. But pet stores have their shortcomings. One of them is the assortment of goods, which is designed for a mass consumer. The owner of the store is oriented to the demand, and if most dogs in your area eat dry food Chappi, then he will be present on the shelves of the store.

If, in addition to you, no one buys any kindFeed, you will not find it in the store. Of course, you can agree on the order of the goods, but in this case you will have to constantly remind yourself, and not all owners of pet stores will agree to do wholesale purchase for one buyer. The second important drawback is the price, which is usually more expensive than other places of purchase of food.

In this case, the smaller the store and the less it hasCompetitors, the higher prices can be. Be prepared for the fact that in the price of feed will be laid not only its real quality, but also the cost of delivery, rent, wages to the seller.

2. Online stores

Where to buy dog ​​foodA fashionable and popular way to purchase dog food is online stores of pet products. Pros of this method:

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  1. Rich assortment,
  2. The availability of goods that are not in regular stores,
  3. The possibility of the goods to order.

For residents of provincial cities and even more soVillages, online shopping are the only place where they can buy food for dogs of the right brand. Advantages include a relatively inexpensive price, delivery to the door, various savings bonuses and discounts.

It is also an indispensable way when there is noOpportunities to leave the house, for example, the dog owner is sick and can not go to a regular store. The minuses of online stores are known to everyone - these are problems with delivery to remote settlements. It is always better to choose an online store that is closer to your place of residence, so as not to wait for the delivery of food for weeks.

It can also be different inconsistencies inDescription of the product and its image to its real appearance. Possible damage to the goods during transportation is not excluded. Of course, you can get money back, but your pet will be left without food.

3. The market

It is known that in the market you can find practicallyEverything, but there is no guarantee of quality there. It should be noted that under the market we mean not a specialized pavilion, where products for pets are sold (this is already a kind of pet store), namely, trading all in a row on one counter.

Usually, feed for all types of animals is filled inLiterally from one bag. Even if you see a familiar package with an expensive diet, you may be disappointed, because there will be a normal feed. As a rule, the market sells food for dogs of poor quality. The only advantage is the cheapness of this product.

4. Nurseries

Some owners of dog nurseries are engaged inSale of a certain type of food. The advantages of buying in the nursery are that you buy food that has been tested on the dogs of the kennel, that is, you have the opportunity to see that the dogs grown on this diet are healthy, beautiful and active.

It is convenient in the event that you acquireDog in this kennel, she already eats this kind of food, the owner of the nursery has contacts with suppliers. You do not need to waste time searching for better food, and then to look for favorable conditions for its acquisition, everything has already been done for you.

The drawbacks of this method are thatThe nursery is always in your immediate vicinity. You will have to negotiate the terms of delivery and tolerate the troubles associated with this process. Also, the feed used in the nursery is usually expensive, which not everyone can afford.

5. Manufacturer company

Where to buy dog ​​foodThe benefit of buying food directly fromCompany-manufacturer is obvious. You receive the goods without mark-ups of intermediaries and with a guarantee of quality. If you conclude a contract for the sale of feed with the manufacturer, you will already be sure that you are actually buying products of this brand, and not fake.

But, unfortunately, this method has a lotThe disadvantages that make it inaccessible to most dog owners. You should have plenty of free time to independently get on contact and organize the delivery of goods. One should also take into account the fact that such purchases mainly provide wholesale lots of goods, and if you only have one dog, then there is no point in starting this troublesome process.

In addition, buying food directly only reallyIn the domestic company, the place of production of which is located in your region. Organize such a process with a foreign company only by an individual entrepreneur or firm.

6. Distributor company

Disadvantages of the previous place of purchase are eliminated,If you will buy food in the company-distributor. It is these companies that often advertise in newspapers and on the websites of free ads for the sale of food of various brands. Many do not see a significant difference between this method and the purchase in the online store.

In fact, such a method must beMore economical, as many online stores also buy feed from these same companies. The drawbacks of this place of purchase include the risk of encountering scammers. Along with reliable companies, various dubious organizations offer their services. Also, representative companies offer at best small wholesale and do not want to work with retail orders.

Typically, one company specializes in the rations of one or more brands. If the dog does not get food, then it will be necessary to look for another company, which again is associated with a waste of time and risk.

6. Ordinary shops

Where to buy dog ​​foodQuite a large percentage of dog ownersBuys food for their pets in regular stores. Basically, these are large supermarkets that sell a large number of goods from different categories. The advantages of this method include convenience: you go on the way home to the store to buy food for the family and at the same time buy dry food for your dog.

The main drawback of conventional stores -The range of food for dogs is represented only by economy-class brands, designed for a mass buyer. Premium fodders and rare brands you on the shelves of ordinary supermarkets will not find. Each dog owner chooses the priority place of purchase of feed, and if it suits him, he becomes a regular buyer.

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