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Dry dog ​​food Rex: reviews, buy

Dry dog ​​food Rex is produced inBelarus at the Zhabinka Fodder Factory. The company deals not only with food for dogs, the plant produces mixed fodders for many kinds of domestic animals, including such exotic ones as ostriches.

The production involves specialists,Which are engaged in the development of optimal rations for pets. The fact that the output of the largest feed mill in the Republic of Belarus is in demand, is indicated by the fact that the volume of manufactured products has doubled in several years.

The main target audience for dog food isOwners of large and medium breeds. No wonder the face of the brand was the German shepherd, and the slogan of the company - "We recommend effective feeding of dogs", this is how the name of the food Rex is interpreted.

Composition of dog food Rex

Composition and reviews on dry dog ​​food Rex

In its composition, grain ingredients predominate:

  • wheat,
  • corn flour,
  • Soybean,
  • Rice

Meat ingredients are represented by fish andMeat-and-bone meal without specifying a specific source of meat. The formula of the Forks feed includes fat of animal origin, vitamins A, E, D3 and minerals. Acquaintance with the composition of the feed clearly indicates its cereal basis. The manufacturer guarantees the naturalness of all products and the absence of components of synthetic origin.

In the feed there are necessary additives thatBeneficial effect on the condition of the skin and coat, strengthen teeth and joints, increase immunity. But in the composition of food there are ingredients, for example, wheat and soya, which in many breeds prone to food allergies, cause the symptoms of this disease. The minimum protein content in food is 20%, fat is 6%, maximum humidity is 10%.

Types of dry rations Rex

The Rex feed range is designed for dogs of largeAnd medium breeds of all ages. Rations series "REXIC" are designed for puppies from 2 months to 1 year. The diet of adult dogs consists of the nutrition of the "Rex" series, and for dogs with increased activity, in particular, service dogs, the "Rex Plus" feed is produced.

Manufacturer drew attention to dogsSmall sizes and released for them a diet "Rex mini", designed for animals older than 1 year. Dry food Rex is packaged in bags weighing 20, 15 and 10 kg, as well as in packages of 5 and 2 kg. Food "Rexik" is also sold in small packages of 1 kg.


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Composition and reviews on dry dog ​​food Rex

I have a large German house in my private houseShepherd. Often I heard from my neighbors lamentations about how I feed my "horse". But in fact, feeding my faithful guard costs me inexpensively, because I decided to choose an inexpensive feed "Reks".

After watching this meal with participationGerman shepherd, I also wanted to feed my Zeus with these diets. The dog is always full and healthy, I believe that this food is a good choice for owners of large dogs.

Ghenadie, Minsk

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I sometimes do addictive dogs. Recently, I got a young shar pei. I was told that Rex was given an inexpensive food and was given along with it the remains of the packaging of this food. The dog was in a deplorable state, the diet clearly did not suit her.

She had skin problems, folds wereAwful condition, wool was poured like a tree, which is thrown out a month after the New Year. I immediately thought it was from the feed, and the tests confirmed it, for a couple of ingredients the dog had an allergy. In a word, food can be good, especially for the price, but it is not suitable for all dogs.

Irina, Moscow

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